Tuesday, 29 May 2012


A while back I felt compelled to draw a picture of Mum/Moannie.

I have only ever painted one other portrait, in the '80's of my namesake Sara who was about three at the time...now a married lady.

So I gave it a go...and after several days of looking at the drawing I gathered the courage to add some watercolour..

I was scared that I would overdo the paint and lose the impression I wanted...which was to capture the essence of Mum...which I believe I have in her eyes and lovely mouth..

I did however overwork it...and completely lost the fluidity and looseness I liked before I spoiled it.
Luckily l took a digital image of it at it's best and I had this enlarged and printed.

l presented Mum and Dad with it and they were delighted.


  1. Wow - am very impressed, as I'm sure they were!

  2. I like it too - a beautiful picture. I am sure Moannie will be pleased with it too :)

  3. Fantastic - there is a moral in there somewhere vis a vis the overworking something... often we ruin something in the over jealous pursuit of a perfection we already have in our hands... parable for life that really

  4. That's just wonderful, Saz. And you should do portraits more often.

  5. Thats a wonderful likeness. You are very talented.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. What a smashing thing to do.......and your ma is a beautiful woman indeed.

  7. That's gorgeous. I really must pick up my sketch pad again after all these years.

  8. That's a lovely picture. You have captured a beautiful person.

  9. Sorry I must have missed this when you first published it and have just found it. That's brilliant.


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