Sunday, 14 June 2015

summer has arrived...

                                 ...and left us after two glorious days!

I've returned to blog-land as I miss the interaction, although I've probably been removed from many a sidebar as it's been quite a while.

It's been a year or more of ups and downs and adjusting, however I shan't bore you with all my travails right away, less is more!
                                     so in brief....I've moved home (yes again) and we've moved biz premises and expanded the biz, I'm sure there has been more but that will suffice for now..

meanwhile here are some pics which hopefully tell their own stories.....

dog walking amongst the buttercups

old school room and old cotton mill chimney (once the tallest in Europe, now shorter)

my Pal Joey

new venture in basement of old church...vintage in main church hall

up cycling furniture in new home

new biz premises

bbc news coverage video to follow

our new jazz cafe bar

new hair??!!

Saz xx

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