Friday, 10 January 2014

my wee man

Joey is a Jack Russell, miniature Poodle cross, currently being kindly fostered in Cyprus. He is 4.5 months old and after having a home placement which fell through, I have offered him a forever home in the UK.

He is scheduled to arrive on Sunday 9th February.

I believe saving dogs and cats from Cyprus is a worthy cause, as there is little, if any potential for a happy, secure, healthy and cared for life. They are not born into a sympathetic pet culture and many do not find homes and are euthanized. So it is an expensive project, including vet bills, paperwork and flights to bring these lovely creatures to safety in Uk and other EU countries.
I have money for the vets bill and towards the flight and I have four weeks to raise the rest of the air fare.

Any help towards these costs will be most gratefully received, any surplus will be sent towards the costs of finding forever families for other pets currently being fostered or in one of several pounds.

Thank you so much!

please donate for Joey

Saz x


  1. So brave of you to get one from Cyprus when there are so many you could get here. An animal is a commitment but so worth it in terms of the unconditional love they give back. Little Joey is one lucky fellow.He is adorable.

  2. Hi Addy! so good to see you around here!
    i had no plans at all to adopt a dog, indeed nor did I have when I was suddenly asked to look after a cat, and he never went home!
    i have had dogs, kids, bought the tshirt and thought that prob my time was done with dogs, which peed me off as I luv dogs so much!
    However I believe things happen and choices are made for you in the most part...and Joey kept appearing in my news feed...and well I guess it was meant to be. I can take with me to work, because it is my business...and I wouldnt leave a dog alone all day; I can walk him to work and back home and we both benefit.

    the tragedy is that in Cyprus unfortunately dogs are really only used for hunting and so starved, not neutered nor looked after or taken to vet when ill. They are dumped and so breed etc etc..

    expats, run rescue homes and foster..but in the main the domestic pet culture is pretty non existent....hence they fly the dogs to other pet friendly cultures in europe.
    Unfortunately the costs are high as the dogs need first to recover and be treated, then the high cargo costs...
    So I have less than three weeks to raise what is equal to my months rent!! lol

    i am very excited...xx

  3. Good luck in reaching your target, Saz. It's been good to catch up with you again.
    I haven't got your current address - that's why you didn't get a Christmas postcard! I didn't know if one addressed to C-k St would be forwarded. If you want a cheer up postcard (or a doggy one) let me know your current address -

  4. I really hope that it works out for you and Joey. I really feel sickened when I hear of so much cruelty abroad. My blogging friend, Ayak who lives in Turkey and has the blog Turkish Delight, is also constantly saving dogs and tells me of the most appalling things that go on there. I had no idea that Cyprus was similar.
    Good Luck with it.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  5. Hi Saz, you never show up on my feed and I sometimes can't find you!

    I have seen Joey on FB but had no idea of the story behind him. Such a great thing to do for him, you lovely girl - I hope he's being good?!


  6. you are so freekin awesome!! Good for you Saz! :-)

  7. Saz has Joey come home? I know you must busy as all get out, but photos and how is he doing, etc...haven't blogged much this winter, mostly reruns because of RA...we have had so much snow and ice that one flare up just segued into another...but today has been not so freakin' bad lol...playing catch up has been nice...


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