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this was my truth

love is selfish
love is bickering
love is settling
love is destructive
love is struggling
love is being afraid
love is claustrophobic
love is one sided
love is being lonely
love is manipulation
love is, as and when
love is anger
love is antagonistic
love is feeling lost
love is betrayal,
love is for the kids' sake,
love is demeaning
love is self serving
and unkind
love is losing yourself

          is now my truth

love is comfortable
love is feeling alive
love is sharing
and caring
love is friendship
love is liking him/her
love is in the easy silence
and in the laughter,
and sharing the detail
love is the fun and the silliness,
love is everything I thought it could not possibly be,
love is within our grasp
love is in the unexpected
love is sometimes letting go,
because you must,
love is forever

saz x

Happy Birthday Mum/Moannie

our Mum Happy Birthday
Saz, Jin and Mone xxx

new chapters....

This was taken just as my son Patrick left for the airport on Thursday he is now comfortably settled into his suite at SUNY we have talked on skype/viber and I am suitably reassured now that I have seen him and approved his new digs is what it is but am unsure as to what happens

 Saz x

Big Day

I have just finished helping my son pack his bags,
yes he is leaving, again,
this time last year he was preparing for his first year of uni,
today well yesterday really, he turned 19...jeez how fast it flies...
and tomorrow, well today,
    are you still with me? He leaves for america, suni Binghamton, NY..until june 2014..
please take care of him over out for him, he is my baby..yes all 6'2" of him, dimples an all..

this is what we strive for, work for, prepare them and praps not so well, prepare us for...time to fly...

SOAR!! I love the very bones of you Patrick!! I am soo proud....
don't forget to call, text, email, skype or even write..

I almost forgot it was my birthday on friday last, scary numbers, how long can I go on saying I'm 48 I wonder!!

we're in the final three...

WHOO HOOO!! Warwick Tower is a finalist in the May Fifteen Awards for RETAILER OF THE YEAR!! and we've only been open 3 months!! 

Nominations have been counted and the final three in each category announced today!!

Voting has opened today, if you love the shop and it's friendly atmosphere and service, please cast a vote.

THANK YOU to whomever nominated us!! 

Sara & Stuart!!

PLEASE VOTE AND SHARE if you've been and if you haven't...why not (ok so you live 3 thousand miles away, lame excuse!)

 some recent pics taken instore and on a recent 40th birthday makeover/photoshoot

 Once upon a teacup - hire and tea sets for sale  overlooking the medieval city citadel, ordered by Henry viii

Lady Dora in a wedding dress 1930's 

 recent makeover/photoshoot 40th party I do the hair and makeup
Saz x

now I know...

I'm scared I shall forget your face,
                   that it will dim beyond memory, I'm saddened that I don't know your thoughts,                    nor your dreams, and that my life moves on, day by day,                   with me wanting it to stay still,                    but it just moves further away from what once was my reality, reduces,                     like the pull of the tide going out and then rushing back in toward me,                    taking my breath away momentarily, and remembering once more and aching for                      a moment of joy, these moments out of my control, deplete me,                     I am lessened by the loss, and yet too I am full and without regret,                    because without which,                                   I would not have known...
Saz x