Thursday, 20 June 2013

dating blind

....ugh!! I have always said, I don't want to date! I really loathe the idea! I haven't ever really done it.... oh a few times way back in the 1900's...

If I'm meant to meet someone then he'll find me, this makes sense dontcha think? The few relationships I've had, and I think they total TWO in my adult life, we've just happened upon each other.. et voila!

To arrange, and manipulate strikes me that I will appear desperate! And that I am not...well maybe a bit, though not to meet, greet and marry you understand, been there done that.. I cannot imagine doing that again, aint gonna have more kids so what is the point!

So the story is, my pal knows a guy, a work colleague....and apparently told him that he should meet me, as in she thinks we are bear in mind she knows my story, knows how I feel about dating and knows that although I am 'open' to the idea.. I kind of can't be arsed....and yet she knows I have needs. Well not necessarily those kind of needs, (omg lets not go there) the kind of, lets have some fun needs, share a meal, watch a film (all the way through!), yes companionship is the word I'm chasing...simples?! pal is having a get together with work pals, as I work around the corner she is gonna ask me I know I am protesting just a tad too much perhaps....but it is terrifying, he has seen a pic of me, (at my best, no specs, spanx under the dress taken last summer) I have no idea what I am in for....except, he is said to be tall, blonde, handsome, single (most important, but why is he still single??) works out (oh great, I do not, I am all flip floppy) doesn't smoke (I do ), dances (I cannot!) and the down side is that he is younger than me, (been there done that, got first degree burns, so not a good idea, makes me feel like an experiment)... I may feel 17 inside but I certainly am old enough to know better...

What am I to do, just get with the program?? I think it's less stressful to stay home with Monty...

My pal says, 'do you think Saz that I would introduce you to a boring twat?'

I guess not... watch this space

Saz x

Saturday, 8 June 2013

morning glorious...

no longer dragging my bones into
my stuffy uniform
and sloughing my feet down the hill 
to a long day of boredom, 
with too much time to think
I have a new purpose,
into which I can channel my energies and drive...

I now am a whirling dervish of enthusiasm,
bustle and hustle
and my days, often all seven of them,
have a focus, at my new store
that is challenging and exciting,
a pulse long overdue

... and so begins each new day
as I grab some juice, a cuppa 
and toast,
and pad into the back yard...
the sun is already hotting up, 
and the blazing sunlight
enhances the home grown florals

I can't help but smile
 in response to this morning glorious
which greets me,
at the start of my day...

who knows
what the day will bring...!

Saz x

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

not there yet

not there yet.... 
if I let go it may no longer feel real...
I still want him so....

Saz x

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