Sunday, 28 April 2013

Introducing 'Warwick Tower'

I've been quiet for a month or so now, but I have been oh so busy!

As you know in the background I have been plotting with my biz partner Stuart; after the success of our Vintage fairs we decided over a year ago to take time to find premises, which was no cheap task as commercial property rents are very expensive on the high street. Undeterred we finally found a venue in an old iconic city centre building above a long established cooker shop, over three floors, containing 13 rooms of very differing sizes.

Stuart and I are like-minded in our passion for vintage fashion and all things antique, vintage and retro and dedicated to helping others unable to hit the high street flying solo, to begin their dreams by getting together and building within a community seeking similar goals. We have both had a terrible year in our personal lives,  full of drama and heartache and although these feelings and pain resonate still, I believe that he, like myself, needed a new challenge and a purpose to fill our unhappy and and lacklustre lives. We are both resilient and have vision and I am thankful for this, else I wouldn't, nay couldn't, have done this without him.
Thanks Stuart.

And so today in the middle of our lovelee Launch Weekend, two weeks after getting the keys to the front door, it has begun...

just found this review by a friendly visitor to our preview evening on friday...

the following links take you to our facebook pages, the Before and After if you are signed up you can get a look inside..if not sign up take a peek, then cancel, you don't have to post anything or start a page...

D-Day minus 2 weeks @warwick tower, Carlisle, Cumbria

warwick tower launch weekend

And so now I am living my career dream, I resign from the Museum after ten years on Monday, I am excited and a wee bit is a dream come true, it can happen! Mostly it does not...I know that, but I can still hope for some things, can't I? Even though they seem impossible from where I am sitting....

Never give up eh?

Saz x