Thursday, 10 January 2013

so what else is new?

As I have stated here before new Year's celebrations mostly leave me cold, I don't do resolutions and often find it quite a sad time, the marking of another year passing.

However this time, I have had a busy end of year, firstly with the death of Mum/Moannie and all that this involved; the preamble of another christmas without the ones I love with me, my son again spent most of Christmas and Boxing day with his father, sister and the ex-inlaws; finally l made the decision in late November to move out from the flat, to which I escaped the nastiness of events of three years ago (which we needn't rehash).

So festivities over, so much as they were, I spent the new year and few days after between work, decorating and putting up shelving in the new house and packing up the flat. I moved out last friday, with a little help from my friends, and I drove the transit van which was great fun and I have been here a week. Boxes emptied, books shelved, food stored, beds made and curtains hung. Over the next few days I have off work I shall arrange and rearrange for comfort and aesthetic satisfaction. I now have my own front door, a yard for Monty to explore, some earth to seed and grow in, and  it is so warm and cosy.

I am also involved in a new project with my biz partner, to add to our vintage fairs by opening a large venue to house traders of vintage, antiques, upcyclers, artists, crafters and more...all under one roof. We are now recruiting traders to the project and all being well will sign on the dotted next month, looking to launch the new venture around Easter time.

Enough to keep me busy, out of trouble and full of purpose? hmmmm

2013 bring it on!

so what else is new with you?

saz x

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