Saturday, 14 September 2013

under the same sky..

Where has the time gone, asks Lime


My son Patrick turned 19 in the summer, just one day before he leapt across the Atlantic to up state New York for his 2nd year of uni...I miss him. even though he has already been away from me for a year, we have been in touch, email/skype/viber more than last year.

But he is truly away from me, on another vast expanse of earth, separated. This time is different. I expressed this, though less emotionally t'other evening..and his response was, 'yeah, but mum we are under the same sky..!'
such calming, soft words, soothed.

He has been my companion, my world these last few years; his first year of uni, were my first days truly single, starting over. Loss of purpose is very hard to deal with, and each of the last three years has brought about layer upon layer of loss and partings.

He is my last born, my man hero
How would life be, if he had chosen to remain with his father and sister, after the break-up.
Just by his being, he saved me; he allowed me to become a better mum; a better me.

love, labours, lost...
and found....the stages of mother/child.

god I love the very bones of the child...

keep him safe for me 'till June...

saz xx


  1. I am sure he'll be fine. My son did 6 months up in the arctic and in the end the time flew by and he was back.

  2. our son left for china at 20, he's been living there for almost 5 years now...i'm so thankful for technology too...what would we do without skype and chats and the internet! sending good thoughts your way~

  3. I'll say a prayer for both of you - that he has safe travels, and that you find less worry about him! God bless!

  4. oh my, so sorry i am so late to this post. my heart melted when i read his wisdom of being under the same sky not in a dismissive way but reassuringly.

    bless you both and may the time separated fly by.

  5. Hope the time rushes by till June. x

  6. How are you doing, Saz? Hope all is well...


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