Wednesday, 7 August 2013

we're in the final three...

Warwick Tower is a finalist in the May Fifteen Awards for RETAILER OF THE YEAR!! and we've only been open 3 months!! 

Nominations have been counted and the final three in each category announced today!!

Voting has opened today, if you love the shop and it's friendly atmosphere and service, please cast a vote.

THANK YOU to whomever nominated us!! 

Sara & Stuart!!

PLEASE VOTE AND SHARE if you've been and if you haven't...why not (ok so you live 3 thousand miles away, lame excuse!)

 some recent pics taken instore and on a recent 40th birthday makeover/photoshoot

 Once upon a teacup - hire and tea sets for sale 
overlooking the medieval city citadel, ordered by Henry viii
CUMBRIA LIFE AUGUST edition - featured store
that's Stuart and I in the doorway!

Lady Dora in a wedding dress 1930's 

 recent makeover/photoshoot 40th party
I do the hair and makeup

Saz x


  1. I have voted! Do I get a little tag saying so? Of course I voted your way lol, and the others I just made wild ass guesses as to whom you would wish me to vote for...I think you may win this one!

  2. Congrats... off to vote now...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oops sorry about that! I was replying from my phone to another blog and the page went backwards :). Waited to get to my laptop to explain!

  5. Did I miss a link? How do I vote? Glad to help, if I'm able.

    1. viisit this link Jim...and many thanks...

      saz xx


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