Tuesday, 27 August 2013

this was my truth

love is selfish
love is bickering
love is settling
love is destructive
love is struggling
love is being afraid
love is claustrophobic
love is one sided
love is being lonely
love is manipulation
love is, as and when
love is anger
love is antagonistic
love is feeling lost
love is betrayal,
love is for the kids' sake,
love is demeaning
love is self serving
and unkind
love is losing yourself

          is now my truth

love is comfortable
love is feeling alive
love is sharing
and caring
love is friendship
love is liking him/her
love is in the easy silence
and in the laughter,
and sharing the detail
love is the fun and the silliness,
love is everything I thought it could not possibly be,
love is within our grasp
love is in the unexpected
love is sometimes letting go,
because you must,
love is forever

saz x

1 comment:

  1. Powerful statement of where you were and where you are now.


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