Sunday, 18 August 2013

new chapters....

This was taken just as my son Patrick left for the airport on Thursday
he is now comfortably settled into his suite at SUNY
we have talked on skype/viber
and I am suitably reassured now that I have seen him
and approved his new digs is what it is
but am unsure as to what happens

 Saz x


  1. Be sure to stay in touch regularly. He may not want to call you in case it looks like he can't cope.

  2. Oh how bitter sweet. And he's such a handsome boy with such a beautiful mother. You both come from such good stock. :)

  3. Scary stuff - how are you feeling?

    1. hi Lu,
      now that we've skyped and vibered, am ok thanks and i know he is settling in and finding his feet..already he's planning a trip to canada in two wks...lucky boy

      am soo busy in Warwick Tower 24/7 that I am glad I have little time to think...

      saz xxx

  4. Handsome fella, but, of course, his mum isn't bad, so no surprise :-)


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