Wednesday, 7 August 2013

now I know...

I'm scared I shall forget your face,
                   that it will dim beyond memory,
I'm saddened that I don't know your thoughts,
                   nor your dreams,
and that my life moves on, day by day,
                  with me wanting it to stay still,
                   but it just moves further away from
what once was my reality, reduces,
                    like the pull of the tide going out
and then rushing back in toward me, 
                  taking my breath away momentarily, and
remembering once more and aching for 
                    a moment of joy,
these moments out of my control, deplete me,
                    I am lessened by the loss,
and yet too I am full and without regret,
                   because without which, 
                                 I would not have known...

Saz x

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  1. oh dear saz, i just found your comment on my latest post. please no apologies as you had much to recover from. i'm just glad to see you back and will do my best to make my way around as i have been quite lax this summer for obvious reasons. the fecker shall not prevail. and i so appreciate you cheering me on along with your mum from her high perch where she watches us. bless you both.


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