Thursday, 15 August 2013

Big Day

I have just finished helping my son pack his bags,
yes he is leaving, again,
this time last year he was preparing for his first year of uni,
today well yesterday really, he turned 19...jeez how fast it flies...
and tomorrow, well today,
    are you still with me? He leaves for america, suni Binghamton, NY..until june 2014..
please take care of him over out for him, he is my baby..yes all 6'2" of him, dimples an all..

this is what we strive for, work for, prepare them and praps not so well, prepare us for...time to fly...

SOAR!! I love the very bones of you Patrick!! I am soo proud....
don't forget to call, text, email, skype or even write..

I almost forgot it was my birthday on friday last, scary numbers, how long can I go on saying I'm 48 I wonder!!


  1. Happy Birthday, late, yes, but may it be a wonderful year for you AND your son! I am sure he'll have the time of his live over there, students are well taken care of in American universities (and I am sure you brought him up to be a wonderful and responsible young person!).
    Big warm hug,
    Maybe you have time for a visit to Vienna now????

  2. He will have a wonderful time.....and you and your business will thrive and grow.

  3. Happy birthday! !!

    Congratulations to your son - those experiences suddenly turn them to grownups!


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