Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Yes !! I know this is a hard one, considering the amount of rain and strong winds we seem to be having here in Cumbria..
Even so, I defy the weather and wear open toed sandals or flips flops daily, event hough I feel like a wet fish when I get home...my sunglasses are permanently across the bridge of my nose...and I omit to take a cardigan out most day, in sheer defiance and stupidity..

I have been to one BBQ so far this year, for Charlotte's birthday bash...

Mostly I sit in the back yard. or lay in the hammock, swinging and hoping we get a few HOT days

Photo: First day in garden since moved in, hammock, music, book, croissants n juice....Monty lying underneath, he may yet get flattened..hope hooks take the weight.... Bliss

so come on now, don't be shy, show yourself sunshine.. 

Saz x


  1. Summer's a naughty fellow this year, even around here.
    May the coming days and months be filled with excellent summer days,

  2. Yay! it happened.....the sun has appeared...and your little patch of heaven yard looks like a real suntrap.


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