Friday, 19 July 2013

and so it continues...

life, the universe, everything...
it carries on regardless AND so too shall I..
after a rather bumpy couple of weeks,
whereby the saz train was delayed and derailed....
and laid up in sidings

service continues as 'normal'
and thus I stoicially plod on

shit happens
and I now. as I am used to this shit, however surprising, however shocking
and saddened I am...

I have come this far and by god I am not done by a long chalk
...and so here I go again, reinventing myself, minus some baggage, bruised
and saddened by yet another betrayl

I am gonna shoot for the moon and hope for the stars...
so watch out as I am a little hungry for some fun, kindness and a smidgeon of love...apparently it's all around

or so they say...

and yes the sun is out finally in Cumbria!
Saz x


  1. Sorry to hear this... I think 2013 has been rough for you. Certainly my annus horribilis so far.
    I hope you bounce back soon

  2. Thanks Fi, and right back at you!! xx


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