Friday, 15 March 2013

unexpected MOT

yesterday was one of those days, it was completely out of my control! I had been at work an hour when suddenly out of nowhere, a searing red pain halted me in my tracks, right through my sternum and proceeded to move around my chest to settle in the back..breathless and clammy I gingerly walked to reception and got cover...and went and sat outside with a glass of water...

One hour later I was admitted into hospital, chest really painful.. it felt like major muscle cramps but I could tell everyone at work was concerned I was having a heart attack. One Tracer, Ecg, blood tests, chest xray, cannula, painkillers and the magic aspirin later...and I dozed most of the afternoon away, despite the poor old lady with dementia beside me, continuously shouting, 'what shall I do....lay down and die!'

The Consultant visited and proclaimed me healthy in heart, bloods and chest, telling me that I had probably had  Oesophageal Spasms and linked it to my ibs, reassuring me that the first episode is similar to heart pains and that I had done the right thing getting it checked out.

Feeling like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards (and not in a good kinky way), and quite refreshed for my daytime sleeps, I got dressed and went home, greeted by one hungry cat and my beckoning bed.
Well I did get a free MOT out of the day and seemingly a clean bill of health!

Saz x


  1. Gah, how scary. Best thing to get it checked out though. I worked with someone years ago (I was about 28) who didn't feel well, but wouldn't let us call any medical help. She went home, but had to drive herself to the hospital on the way and was indeed, having a heart attack.

  2. That must have been frightening. I was maybe thinking panic attack, given the list of bad things in your last post, but stress can also exacerbate ibs, so I was close! Hope you are feeling better soon. x

  3. Oh I feel for you. I know exactly how that feels having had recurring long bouts of it over the course of a summer. I'm so glad that it was nothing more serious. Look after yourself, dear Saz. Hugs to you.

  4. Oh dear, I'm sorry you had to go through that but glad that it wasn't serious. You did the right thing.
    I also have been an IBS sufferer all my life. I think the worst pain I have had like that was when I was on chemo and the gut went into a terrible spasm one night and I thought I was going to die. Unfortunately chemo does damage the whole gut.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  5. That must have been so scary! So glad it was not a heart attack. Are you taking anything for IBS? I'm told there are some good medications out there nowadays.

    1. yes I am taking meds...but this had never happened before so I was blindsided...
      from now I shall graze a little during the day..thing is l tend to avoid eating until hungry...obviously NOT the way to go!!


  6. Poor Saz! I'm so glad you're okay. I'll bet all the tension of the past couple of years had something to do with it all. Take care of yourself -- take your meds, naps, and mini breaks (even a trip to gallery or the library can work wonders). Wishing you all the best now and in the future, xoxo Carol

  7. Scared me with the first part of the post! But then I thought, "Wait. Calm down. She couldn't be writing this if she died!"

    I'm logical that way...

    By the way, liked the "Feeling like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards (and not in a good kinky way)..."

  8. Sounds flipping frightening - hope all is well...

  9. I missed this post - hence the late comment.

    Not that I've got much to say except welcome back to the world of the living. I hope you are still snacking and being a good girl.

  10. Quite a scare, Saz, but so glad it was not a heart attack or anything like that. It must have been very frightening.

    I have some sad news in that I lost my dear wife recently.
    Take care. Hugs ~ Eddie


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