Friday, 29 June 2012

in stone or in sand?

… and in one day life changed
when you
touched my caged heart
and breathed for me.
So I took a chance,
together we opened  the door,

by your gentleness,
your affection,
the butter soft skin
and that Smile…
we soared
 ‘etched in stone or scratched in the sand’
entwined, hopeful…

When you left,
the air became stale,
with a torrent of hurt
I, respectful of your choices
and  needs,
lay still,
lungs  bursting,
my loins weep
and long for you
an ache that burns through my day
and my skin stings
where your fingers once
aroused and soothed,
your lips, enflamed,
your words
filled me with laughter
 fulfilled me with love
and hope.

And now,
our love ,

l miss your blue, blue eyes,
I still see their sadness,
I want to drain them of your doubts and guilt,
and fill them with belief

whilst I am left sitting
on the sharp edge of pain…
but yet,
still,  I believe 

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