Monday, 24 September 2012

weekend wedding

I've been wanting to post something light and have been so discombobulated I haven;t been able to dream anything up; until I emptied the contents of my  mobile phone and checked out all the photos l've taken..467!!!

last month I was so privileged to be part of one of my best friends I am not a fan of weddings. Not because of my own history, but I just don;t like the frufru dresses, the hypocrisy of marrying in a church the couple never attend blah blah blah.

however this one was different. a true love story for one of my best friends, yes I am lucky as I have a handful of great girl friends, most of whom I have befriended since we moved 'oop north'. All married except for Charlotte (oh and of course me nowadays!)

Charlotte met Scott just under two years ago, in her freinds kitchen, how the two hadn't crossed paths there  before is beyond us all. Neither have been married before, both hovering on either side of 40 and so crazy about each other, it's lovely to see and hear.

I was one of two er bridesmaids or supporters or best women and was so proud to be asked. Four months in the planning, to be honest everything was organised within the first month of the booking of the civil ceremony. I think I was more excited for them than they were. We all like a happy ending don't we!

So here are few pics to give you a taste of the day. Informality was the order of the day, keep it simple Charlotte said, and to wear whatever you want, I want everyone to be comfortable and to just be there, except my girls have to really posh it up!!

                                                                  saz, charlotte & jaci all dressed up and ready to go

                                                                  Mr & Mrs                       

Kim, Scott, Charlotte, Jaci, Saz and the boys
the tullie house workers

Charlotte and I

the wedding party

let them eat cake!

the first dance

spreading a little bit of happiness xx


  1. It's great to see such a lovely couple and so obviously in Lurve. Awwwh! x

  2. Great pics! Char reminds me of lulu from to sir with love. I had a huge crush on lulu!
    And i agree with you bout weddings. No thanks.

  3. Love your outfit Saz....I'm thinking something like that for me when I'm the mother of the Groom in 2014..but I don't have your fabulous figure!

  4. Ahhhhhh, that's better! Lovely to see happiness in photos... especially that last one of them dancing! xx

  5. aw, now that's lovely. so glad you got to enjoy a truly joyous union. wishing them all the best.


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