Saturday, 15 September 2012

It's been a while...

... and l'm afraid I haven't had the heart or mind to blog or write anything.
It's been a pretty turbulent year on many levels; the hardest has been  my Mum/Moannie's terminal cancer diagnosis, her care and treatments, lots of juggling amongst family and friends. Mum is home for the moment from the hospice and settled quietly in at home. Dad is being pretty awesome being her main carer for the last year, despite his own health issues, although now he is supported by a team of hospice nursing staff and carers.

Mum early last month in her sunny garden

During the summer my son gained two A* grades, one A grade and two B grades in his exams and so he is now busy preparing for his big adventure!
With mixed emotions we will be packing up the car and driving the contents of his two rooms (or so it seems) to Lancaster University!
My lovelee son, my date at my pals wedding
Then I will make a quick exit and return to our roomy flat and for the first time in a lifetime it will be just me, (oh and kitty) and I will reflect on the losses of this year and ruminate on the future.

I wonder...!?*
Mostly I just hope.

Saz xx


  1. quite a year indeed. i know it can't be easy but i am glad there have been good bits to it and support in it. praying for continued strength whatever lies ahead.

  2. It's not much in the way of encouragement for you but rest assured that a whole bunch of people are praying for your Mom and for you and your family as you travel this path. Having a place to yourself for a change -well that can have its good and bad points, depending on how you use them but I'm thinking, based on your general attitude towards life, your faith and hope in things working out for the better, you use the solitude to think things through in a positive way. Peace to you -and to your Mom as well.

  3. In spite of the worry of your Mum and the things that have been going on, you are looking fantastic!
    Congratulations to your son. I hope the transition to Uni will go well and that's another hurdle in life to face. Seems you get out of one thing & have to face another.
    Give my love to your mum & wishing you well with everything.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. What a year... hugs, prayers and giggles in equal quantities from this end. Btw, LOVE the kitten! xxx

  5. While its nice to hear from you, I'm sorry for all you and Moanie (and everyone else in the family) are going through.
    Hope the boy has a fab time at uni, and you don't miss him too much!

  6. Big stuff - we hit an age and this stuff just starts to happen to us without us giving any permission for it...

  7. Nice to hear from you again and hope Moannie is better. It must be tough for you all. Congrats to your son and try to keep very busy once he has gone to uni.

  8. So glad you felt like posting.

    Lancaster - at least he's not too far from home when he wants a decent meal. He looks like you won't be his only date!

    And don't both you and Moannie look gorgeous!

    You know you are often in my thoughts.

  9. Both of those photos are and your son look great and of course I am glad to see your Mom sitting in the sunshine looking wonderful in her hat.
    I was close to visiting your mom very recently (out and about in the area I found myself pulling over in the car wondering whether to knock or not) and I am glad I decided not turned out to be the day she came back from the Hospice, and although I think of her often, I am sure she (and your Pa) would not have wanted a blogger calling by to say 'hello/how lovely to see you again' - it would have been very intrusive and of course we are really strangers..but I am glad that when we did meet she and your Dad were so gracious and fun and lovely......
    Good luck to your son for Uni., and enjoy your 'me time'.......the future will take care of itself so concentrate on 'now'.

  10. I am hoping for you too
    (good to see you here)


  11. Well good luck hun and well done for getting through the last few difficult years and you're looking fab xx Lx


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