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I have a new man in my life...

yes I do... and he has moved in!!
He does have expectations, he doesn't pay rent,  I provide food and drink, and he demands my sole attention. He likes me to stroke him and play with him and his boys toys... sometimes he likes to chase me up and down the stairs...he keeps anti social hours and doesn't come to bed until 4 or 5am...when he does he gets up close and personal and his facial hair tickles a lot..
He loves to cuddle and snuggle and loves a morning lay in...I think he loves me cos he purrs a lot, and is a sucker for a good rub on his tummy, in fact he just rolls over and takes it all...what more could a girl want?

A real man? nah I'm all done with that. 
Meet Monty... 9 weeks old. I took him in last week and his owners now can't look after him. So what would you do take him to a refuge? Give him away to a good home? Or keep him? Yeah yeah, l know, but I couldn't resist...

Saz xx


  1. Huzzah. I am a cat fanatic and congratulate you on your new relationship.

    So glad you saved the dear puss. Good luck and much happiness to both of you.

  2. Ha! Ha! General montgomery is looking very regal. Purrring is much quieter than barks and the poops are smaller. I'm quite afraid he's claimed you as won territory. May as well surrender

  3. I'm sure he'll be far more reliable than most males of certain other species!
    And I love the way their fur sticks out when they are that age.
    May you have many happy years together.

  4. I'm no pet lover at all... but he is very very cute!

  5. He's more than cute. He is adorable. Hoping you'll be very happy together.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. He's adorable and far better than a real man - there's no hidden agenda and the love is unconditional! May you be very happy together.

  7. We just took in a new female in our household too about 3-4 weeks ago now. A sweet little tiger-striped kitten with the cutest face and eyes, very fluffy fur and docile personality -except around our dog, Sammy, who she loves to torment into playing with her. (He's used to cats doing that to him and responds nicely to her then.) Tavia is supposed to be staying her temporarily until my older daughter can convince her fiance that she would be a wonderful addition to their house but I rather suspect that Tavia is ow here to stay as I doubt very seriously that daughter's boyfriend will give an inch on bringing a cat home! (And by this time, I doubt my other daughter, the grandkids and I -or the dog too -would want to part with this sweet thing!) Glad to hear you got a good and loving companion with Monty!

  8. I would have done exactly the same thing! He's irresistible. Just hope he doesn't lead you a merry dance! Lol

  9. Ah! Sazzie...I agree that is the cutest cat. Monty now has your heart, your house, and all your spare time.

  10. He looks adorable! I predict a long and happy association for the two of you. More photos in the future please, so we can all enjoy watching him grow.

  11. He is absolutely adorable! I am not even a cat person and I think he is soooo cute! Such character! He can replace a man any day! Good for you Saz!

  12. He's adorable. He'll be a wee handful.. black and white cats almost always are. I believe they're particularly intelligent for some unexplained reason. Just a theory, of course but it's what I've noticed over many years and many cats. Enjoy him.. I'm sure you will. He's a little sweetie.

  13. he's awfully cute and since he cuddles he can be forgiven for not paying rent ;)

  14. He is lovely. We lost one almost his twin 3 days ago--he was a year old. Very smart, very loving, and talkative! Enjoy!

  15. Your comment form says 'I will walk a mile in your shoes...' So I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about how it must be to be in your shoes (and Rick's) at the moment and am sending you my love and fondest thoughts.
    P.S. You got a mention on my blog the other day and I have also suggested we join Fhina for a virtual coffee in Paris. I'll pay!

  16. Ah! That brought back many happy memories of "Jasper". Black with four white "spats" and a white bib. He was born in the industrial part of Sheffield. I would share my lunch with him. Whilst his mother and siblings were very shy - he was pushy and brash. One day when he was about ten weeks old. I picked him up - no hiss or spit. Sat on my knee and folded his front feet and started to purr. This year we lost the old boy, many stories I could tell. But some three weeks short of thirty he finally exhausted all of his 99 lives.

    He was the image of your "Wee Man"


  17. I'm pretty allergic to cats but I can see why he stole your heart. He's too cute for words.

  18. saz, i just got the note from suldog that you asked him to pass along. i can't imagine how difficult this time is for you. please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. That is one whiskery fellow! :)


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