Friday, 23 March 2012

here comes the sun

..and the sun burned through the cloud
breaking the sheet of winter,
permeating through the detritus
left from the early spring chills,
warmth spread through me
like a shockwave of hope,
a lifeline tethered by friendships
and anchored by a steely determination
to believe again,
laughing lessons in life,

and too I live, I laugh, I love...

saz x


  1. Gosh Saz - I didn't realise you were so talented! Very moving.

  2. lovely write, saz
    glad you felt the warmth

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  4. ...'I'm only human, of flesh and blood I'm made....I'm only human..born to make mistakes..' - this lyric from the old song came into my head after reading your words. Living, loving and laughing is being human at its best.

  5. There's a meme for you at mine if you fancy it?

    hope all is well?


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