Friday, 16 March 2012

a flying visit

I  arrived on Tuesday for a short drive by visit, keen to see Mum/Moannie and Dad/Jp face to face.
I haven't been down to visit this year and with all the drama's both here and in Kent, I knew only a visit would would comfort us all on many levels.

Mum is coping well with the treatments, drugs and ensuing symptoms and side effects. Compounded by changes in her mood and  limitations affecting her energy levels, l was pleased to see they have both now settled into new routines and managing better than anyone expected. Dad's newly diagnosed illness appears to have not daunted him. Like me he is fairly fatalistic and he is not, we are assured in any short term danger.

I am proud in how far they have come since November and how their human spirit and long marriage has served to give them strength over these sudden changes to their quiet and reportedly uneventful lives.

They are both an inspiration.

Saz x


  1. Good for you to visit - and they do seem to be doing well in the circumstances ... just read that back sounds so patronising but I don't know what else to say... stay strong.

  2. Lovely photos

    Take care Saz x

  3. Beautiful, Sara - I am glad you have been visiting with your loving family. Moannie looks as lovely as ever, very Gloria Swanson!

    I long to see you, ma belle, I have been a bit low and anxious of late, to be fair...

    Let's get something in the diaries for after Paques?

    Fhi xxx


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