Monday, 30 January 2012

A Fell and a Fall

A couple of weekends ago a friend from work asked me join him on a 'gentle' walk on the Fells. I've lived in Cumbria since 1996 and often wanted to go fell walking, but it never happened for one reason or another and l'm not the type to take myself off alone. After all l've always been told l'm clumsy, awkward, uncoordinated and have a hopeless sense of direction.

This gentle walk started on a  very steep incline, all rocky, and l felt l was scrambling  on all fours more than l was hill bloody walking. If l had been alone l surely would've turned back if it hadn't looked so impossible steep downhill. But my fellow walker was very enthusiastic and supportive, especially over a very icy and slippery stream, and yes l did end up on my arse! Butt then so did he!

As we took a break for water and nibbles for the 12h  time, boy was he right about my inadequate supplies of  sustenance. I took two bananas and a snickers bar with me. he pulled a face and sent me shopping in the market for sandwiches which I obediently did, knowing full well I wouldnt eat them as I don't have much of an appetite these days. HOW WRONG WAS I! My body screamed out for water at every 50 metres and food every 100 metres (or yards in my imperial brain) and thanks for the large bar of Milka which I gnashed my way through on the way down.

Approaching the nub of rocks that formed the summit, I smiled and sighed stating I would wait here, as I hadn't another metre of ascent in me. Adrian told me I had to go up there as the only way down was on the other side.. Smart man!! Simple Sara! He do l not know when l'm being lied to. I just swallow every work l'm told. Gullible or stupid! Duh!

I crawled with much noisy moaning to the top, okay summit...and stood in frozen sunlight, in total awe!!

Bessy Boot , Rosthwaite Fell, Borrowdale.

l'm sure you agree it was worth the nearly 6 hours of climb and descent. I wasn't clumsy apparently, nor moaning, if l were uncoordinated I would've made a cockup of the whole day....but l didn't.

It was great fun and very satisfying and I didnt ache all that much the next day, surprisingly!

However as smug as I was not having met with incident nor accident on the fells, I have to admit, that as I walked downstairs to the kitchen to make a cuppa tea, my phone went off and as I checked it, I missed the bottom step entirely.....and sprained my ankle, all puffed up and blue tinged, I limped for three days and its still tender.

What is the message here...?


  1. The irony of life! Wow - those views are stunning. Well done,you.

  2. Those pictures are just spectacular! And of COURSE you fell at home. You were relaxed and, after such a difficult adventure, off your guard. Unfortunately, that seems always to be the way.

    Careful of that ankle, but MAN. Thank you for those pictures. I'm sorry. Where is Cumbria? Oh. Gee. I can look it up. Duh.

    BEAUTIFUL. I had to look at them again before I move away from the computer...

  3. Well the Fell walking was obviously worth it...what absolutely stunning views....stick to the hills, avoid the stairs

  4. Fantastic walk - although having had my son take us on "easy" hikes before I know how these enthusiastic types simply lie!

    I saw a lady I work with and she has her leg in one of those plastic cast things. "Skiing injury?" I asked. "No the skiing was find - I broke this when I tripped out of my front door the other day"... So you are not alone ;-)

  5. Sara, the majority of accidents do occur in the home, not up fells, so you're obviously spending time in the wrong location - Derr!

    I love your pictures and the beauty of the day and, I hope, the fact that you've now learned that you're none of those things that a cruel other has called you...

    Be you. You are beautiful.

    Even with a blue ankle!

    Love you, miss you,


  6. really great photos sara! i'm so glad you did this, you've got the legs for it. (giggle)

  7. I fell down the stairs at the railway station and also have a swollen blue sprained ankle!...those pictures are fabulous and I really really really would love to do something as fabulous as a walk like that..must put it on my list!
    Well done you.

  8. just gorgeous. glad you got to enjoy that hike and the glorious view. thanks for sharing it. the message? adventure suits you better than tea ;)

  9. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures! I swear my cat is going to trip me one day and I'll go headfirst down the stairs. I think it's destiny.


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