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I'm moving on...

no I am not moving house again...I can't even bear the thought of it!

I am moving on from FFF...I feel the time has come  (see previous post) to spread my wings and er well push the envelope a little.
I will still post here from time to time and post images on Capturing Carlise as and when...
I have thought abut this for a while and with all the changes that have occurred  over the four or more years since I first started blogging for my sanity I have decided to create a new space for myself elsewhere.
If any of my friends would like to come visit my new space, then please let me know and I will give you the details, I may have visited you already and you may not have known it to be me as I am not Saz/Sara at the new place..
As Jim says back soon with betterer stuff....
Sara x

another step forward

... at 10am today, a county court judge will officially pronounce that I have been granted a decree nisi. In anticipation I believed that I would be quite sad when the letter arrived, in fact I was very pleased, very relieved and I found l was quite excited. I've been sad and unhappy for a long, long time...I believe I am done with all that.

Now I look forward to the 7th September's decree absolute and

I look forward.......

Many, many thanks for all the support, advice and shoulders proffered friends, work colleagues and know who you are and please believe me when I say, 'l honestly could not have got through it without you....'

There are still some 'issues' yet to be addressed, but I am through the other side and
so to new beginnings, new friends, new experiences and pleasures...

I've only just begun