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Gold Dust

Just arrived two gold dust tickets for the Saturday! I was tempted to give them to my kids, for about a milli second,  and why should I?  we all applied and heck I want to see Foo Fighters and PLAN B.  God I love Strickland banks LP sorry CD!


a blink of an eye
and it could pass you by


a stolen glance
a touch
a moment

its only trace
a bruise
no one can see

yet I can feel it
with each in breath
and every beat of my heart

would I have missed it
if I had blinked once
out of time

not a chance

a late springing

snow topped hills
peek out upon the horizon

last weeks frost lingers in the thick earth
the sun is higher in the blue, volcanic ash-free skies

bare branches stretch out
proudly showing off their new buds
crowded cafe tables clutter the streets
renewed vigour and hope
drowns out
the winter blues

daffodils stand tall
wave bravely,

a new hairstyle
trashed in the fresh breeze
exposed hands and feet
in open toe shoes, chilled

manicured toes and fingernails,
defiantly painted slut red

sunglasses perched
at the ready on head

breathing deeply of the sweeter spring air
the promise of new beginnings