Wednesday, 14 December 2011

simple pleasures

ahhh  my new goosey quilt...heaven (uh well almost!)

icing the Christmas just have to wait till Christmas day for the first slice, why is that, what stops us from having a slice sooner?

the twinkling of the fairy lights draped over the mantelpiece and bookshelves...think l'll leave them there after Christmas  they are lovely

making another list...and checking it twice

listening to christmas carols, whilst wrapping yet another 'last' impulse buy for under the tree

silent night, why does it make my eyes leak?

flickering candles out of the corner of my eye... on my bedside...a warm red comforting glow

the rustling of this new quilt whilst I type in bed...thankful for the company of its noise in the quiet

the sound of far away traffic through the slightly open window, gently reminding me there is something going on out there...

my son thumping down the stairs from his attic hideaway, from time to time, scavenging in the fridge for another bite to eat

long dark nights in, mooching about, long oily baths and gazing into the red hot fire...even though its artificial...dreaming l'll have a real one again some day

and soon....
the bins will be full of wrappings and left over food... a scattering of pine needles will be clinging for dear life hiding between the carpet and the skirting boards.. and the kids will go back to school and routine...

and we'll be gazing into springs beginnings...
                                                      not long now

Saz x


  1. Yes, we wait and wait and prepare for the big day. And then, it's over and we go back to whatever was before. One thing I'm looking forward to is the longer days. I'm tired of the dark right now. Your place sounds lovely with the lights. Do keep them up!

  2. Well if all goes well our son should be back home by Sunday evening emptying the fridge, filling up the laundry basket, competing for music volume with my daughter and have his impossibly long legs wherever you seem to walk in the lounge... can't wait! And the laughter will be there that we miss when he is away at uni...

    Re not have having food sooner... here is one of my kids main bugbears - my wife buys a load of chocolate decorations for the tree every year, if either of them as much as looks, let alone touches, one of them they get yelled at "Not until after Christmas". But, as they legitimately point out, after Christmas they have loads of chocolates from various gifts and don't need them then. It's just one of our annual rituals... and we love them :-)

  3. I love the idea of your faerie lights and the goosey quilt!

    I haven't even got my tree up yet - but I do like lights all year long - Around my bedside lamp and in some branches where I sit in the living room - Come to think of it, I haven't put them on in ages!

    Home comforts, Sara - Doesn't get much better, ma belle xxx

  4. That's lovely Saz, you've captured it all perfectly and painted a beautiful picture (feel just like I am in bed with you :-0 !!!). We plan and prepare for this day and it's build up for so long and then it's gone. But spring is a great thing to look forward too and then summer again :)

  5. Simple pleasures are the absolute best.

  6. Your place sounds so cozy....I will put our decorations up today!

  7. Oooh I adore cosy, lovely, wonderful things too....all of them are good for your soul :)I also have a new hungarian goose feather quilt and pillows yummy yummy......


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