Sunday, 25 December 2011

rocking around the christmas tree... so not!

there has been a lot of 'rocky' but not in the dancin' sense and not in the Sly Stallone sense either...more like a rocky road, without the chocolate topping. I jest, but then one needs to joke or else heads will explode and who would clear up the mess!

It is Christmas day already and as per usual my eyes won't shut. Mind won't stop thinking. So in a minute l'll sup another cuppa camomile tea and lay in the dark counting virtual maltesers!

I've spent a  quite and simple evening, in a candle lit room and by god did it get warm, l wouldn't have thought that candles give off that much heat but the Galileo thermometer even stopped working! My son and I watched 'It's a wonderful life', as is tradition on christmas eve in this house and of course I wept on cue.

I am looking forward to the morning, which is nearly here, as lordy it's already 3.20am. Santa has been and left overflowing stockings for the 'kids'. My son is with me till noon, then I drive him halfway to his Dad's, with a cold war meeting in a car park to exchange said son and deliver daughters pressies as I won't be seeing her this Christmas. A first and it certainly won't be the last. And it's her 20th birthday on tuesday and  well I'll be thinking of her, after all they all fly the nest at some time don't they.

ah well, no pity party here...l may yet rock around the christmas tree...
                                the gin queens are talking about reuniting on new years eve......
                                                      and it's not over till the fat lady sings after all!

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night

saz x


  1. Hope you and your son had a good morning
    Hope come ex gets them for so long?
    Hugs my friend xx

  2. How come he gets them for so long that should have said

  3. Muppet Christmas Carol is the expected family viewing on Christmas Eve here... that probably says tons about me vs you doesn't it ;-)

    Hope next year is a great one for you and hope the time with your son was good.

  4. Thinking of you, Saz, and sending lots of hugs and very best wishes for Christmas and the new year ~ Eddie x

  5. ha!
    i always make my son watch that movie too.
    i think you spoke the year most eloquently.
    we take the good with the bad while hoping and believing.
    ya know i gotta say it-
    it is what it is


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