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A pain in the neck

(although I now occupy a new space in blogland, I can't quite vacate the old homestead)

These days I think it's always wise to expect the unexpected and sure thing Monday was one of those days.....

I got shunted and not in a good way, stationary waiting for a jcb to cross in front of my car at road works, the driver behind, just didnt notice or something and rearended me big time, and promptly drove off.

Forward to Tuesday and after police, statements and the locating by them of the aforementioned driver, I was beginning to feel the effects, my car needs some tlc, a new bumper and spoiler and I need tlc and a new spine. Well not quite I am exaggerating  a little.

I spent tuesday from 4pm, trussed up like a christmas turkey, flat on my back, neck in a brace and my head taped to the table in a large contraption. Took 6 people to roll me here there and everywhere. Xrays, bedpans, URGH!  AND no movement at all, fearful that the whip lash had cracked a vertebrae or worse.

My only view was of  the ceiling tiles for nearly 24 hours, and then the MRi . That was an experience, anyone I know who has had one, has said it claustrophobic and noisy at best. I found the clanging quite rhythmic and so I heard a melody in there and was only woken by my own snoring!  (btw I'm sure I don't snore)

The consultant released me from my prison bed after the MRi. The good news was nothing was cracked or broken. I apparently have severe arthritis in my neck now as well as my lower back, though neither gives me any jip really. The whiplash effect has displaced a disc and its pressing on a nerve that is now also dislodged, causing the numbness. With rest it may all return to normal, so a couple of weeks off. Hopefully this will do the trick otherwise I'm to go to a neurosurgeon in Newcastle..

So from my lovely bed, surrounded with books, pens, paper, music, gin - I kid you not my pal brought me a water bottle full of gin n tonic to the hospital. I KNOW who my friends are!

Having two men fuss after me last evening was quite splendid, not sure how long I can extend this treatment, but a girl has to try!

(update - the acc


  1. Good grief. I can't believe anyone would drive off after hitting someone else so obviously. Anyway, thank god you haven't been seriously/permanently injured and I hope you're on the mend soon.
    The good news is that many years ago, I was also rear-ended while sitting at lights. I got out of the car, exchanged info, then realised I might be hurt. Ended up with minor whiplash, but about two months later received a check from the other party's insurance company for almost $1,000. (And this was decades ago.) So - if you can put a claim in you might get some dosh out of it. Keep us posted.

  2. You poor thing. Hope you are feeling better soon and that the other driver at least coughs up for the damage to your car. How could he/she have driven off in the first place! Also hoping the G&T numbs parts that other things cannot reach!

  3. Holy cow! You've had quite the time lately. I just got caught up with all your latest posts (where was I???) and would love to continue following you at your new blog. Can you send me the info? Hope you're feeling better now - just keep people watching and eating your lunch in that lovely garden and soon you'll be right as rain.

    Leslie in Canada

  4. Oh Saz - how rotten. I appreciate the 'it could have been worse' tone but still a most unpleasant experience for you. And what a **** for driving ooff and not checking how you were. I hope they prosecute him big time. Revenge does sweeten the pill a bit. In the meantime enjoy your 'water'!

  5. Hi Saz - hope you are feeling better soon - how horrendous.

    Now for once seeing whether one of those "have you had an accident that wasn't your fault" can actually get anywhere might be worth the call you never know...

  6. and quite a sight you were!
    and hey, if one of the men was named pat it don't count.
    glad you haven't bruised your humour
    and happy birthday again!

  7. Oh my, that does not sound fun. I hope you are feeling better soon and make a full and complete recovery.... after you've had your fill of two men fussing over you, that is :-)

    Take care of yourself. jj

  8. From what I'm reading, a true friend would have hooked up an intravenus gin-drip! Ye gods, woman, you really have been through the wars, haven't you? I can't believe how that selfish prick just drove off, thank goodness he's been caught, I hope they throw the book at him. Yes, rest, rest and rest - I sure hope everything settles back into how it should be again soon.

  9. How are you doing now? Even though some of us (that would be me) are inconsistent commenters, we do come here looking for the latest! Hope all is well...


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