Thursday, 28 July 2011

I'm moving on...

no I am not moving house again...I can't even bear the thought of it!

I am moving on from FFF...I feel the time has come  (see previous post) to spread my wings and er well push the envelope a little.

I will still post here from time to time and post images on Capturing Carlise as and when...

I have thought abut this for a while and with all the changes that have occurred  over the four or more years since I first started blogging for my sanity I have decided to create a new space for myself elsewhere.

If any of my friends would like to come visit my new space, then please let me know and I will give you the details, I may have visited you already and you may not have known it to be me as I am not Saz/Sara at the new place..

As Jim says back soon with betterer stuff....

Sara x


  1. Farewell FFF... *sniff*... you'll be missed...

  2. Saz - as you are no longer the first FFF or second new FFF, I would love to know the details if you can let me know... i wont write it correctly to help stop spam...but i am at .
    frichardson1957 (at) gmail (dot) com


  3. i'll follow you wherever saz! your weekend looks like fun - sorry u couldn't bring kitty home - kitties are very cute! lmk where your new 'space' is and i'll be there checking in on you from time to time. big hugs!

  4. I too have moved on, to a different blog, so would love to follow you on your new one.


  5. Good-Bye Sara. Wish I could come to your new blog. I've been reading your for a while but since I rarely, if ever comment I can hardly claim to be a friend. I'll miss all the adventures you take us on.

  6. I'm not necessarily big on commenting all the time but please, do take me with you, wherever you go, whenever you "move."

  7. Hey! Dont leave me behind!

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  9. Awwww.... end of an era and all that. Just read your previous post too. So sad things came to that, but one door closes and another opens........I'm still vaguely standing in front of the closed door, waiting for it to open!

  10. Good for you....moving on up etc.,..can I visit the new place? and did you send me an email that had nothing in it?

  11. hmmm, undercover angel, eh? good for you sara! keep pressin forward

  12. wishing you only happiness. although i don't always comment i do often read so i'd be interested in knowing where to go.


  13. Ah what a shame, Saz. I have been away for ages and I am sorry, but popped round tonight to say hello. I will follow you on Capturing Carlise where I am going right now.

    Very best wishes ~ Eddie x

  14. Dear Sara/Saz,
    I'd love to follow you to your new blog abode!
    Please indulge me,
    thank you,

  15. Please let me know your new name and blog!!!

  16. Will see you through the Looking Glass my fair one! xxx

  17. Thanks for your recent visit. Good luck, take care and see you out there! X

  18. I know I rarely comment...sorry about that...but I, for one, certainly do not want to miss your continuing adventures! XO

  19. You have changed so much since our first paths crossed by chance - (you kindly replied to a comment I left on the blog "Wife in the North" - that blog seems terribly dated now to me - does it to you?). So much has happened since then. No longer fat or frumpy - YEAAY! Still feisty? Thoughtful, reflective and moved on, it appears.
    Would love to follow you wherever you have moved to.


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