Tuesday, 26 July 2011

another step forward

... at 10am today, a county court judge will officially pronounce that I have been granted a decree nisi. In anticipation I believed that I would be quite sad when the letter arrived, in fact I was very pleased, very relieved and I found l was quite excited. I've been sad and unhappy for a long, long time...I believe I am done with all that.

Now I look forward to the 7th September's decree absolute and

I look forward.......

Many, many thanks for all the support, advice and shoulders proffered friends, work colleagues and family...you know who you are and please believe me when I say, 'l honestly could not have got through it without you....'

There are still some 'issues' yet to be addressed, but I am through the other side and
so to new beginnings, new friends, new experiences and pleasures...

I've only just begun


  1. It is tough but a good step. I watched my brother go through similar some years back when his married broke up. Always been inspired by the way he looked forward not backward, accepted much (even much that was detrimental to him financially at least etc.) and moved on. Next month he'll celebrate his 1st anniversary with his new wife and I've never seen him so happy.

    I love your "I look forward" line... good luck

  2. I am so pleased about how you feel about your future!
    Much love,

  3. You've been so strong, almost there xx


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