Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

voici mon pere..

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  1. Howdy Saz,
    Hope you are well and OK.
    Thanks for the Father's Day greeting. Seeing daughter tomorrow but unfotunately son is out of town.
    I've been off air lately - internet and phone down for ages - done a post on it all.
    Hugs ~ Eddie

  2. I was lucky enough to meet your Pa (and Ma) yesterday...delightful!

  3. Hmmm! Another pic that I haven't seen for ages. That hair and that smile...and dad looks pretty good too. Will print this out for him. XX

  4. It doesn't work...must be a copyright thing.XX

  5. Full of charm and magic, Sara - Hope you have a wonderful day and week, ma chere xxx

  6. Nice to hear from you again. Hope life is good to you.


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