Monday, 2 May 2011

reasons to be cheerful

today my son is contented,

today my daughter is okay (I think),

today there is food in the fridge n cupboards,

today bills are paid (just),

today the sun is shining,

today everyone I care about is healthy,

today I haven't been made redundant at work (this time around),

today I have the best of friends ( lucky me),

today I have my own place, and space to ponder and dream,

so for today this has to be enough...


  1. So, today I too am content. XXXX

  2. See how you ripples of contentedness spread out...... and I guess all your blogging friends will join me in saying that we are contented too.(for you.)
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. and so today is a very good day.
    imagine what we can do with our lives - these wonderful things!


  4. I think your place is a wonderful place to be, Sara, I know you are loving and enjoying it - Long may it continue, ma belle xxx

  5. Glad you're content today and those are all good reasons. Even though L broke his leg, I'm happy he's cancer-free! :D

  6. It is good sometimes to stock-take and realise that in comparison to the horible things that could be, we are not as badly off as we thought. Glad you are having an upbeat moment. (( big hug))

  7. All very good reasons to be cheerful then! welcome back Lx

  8. Made me smile so you can add that to the list!

  9. It is the space to ponder and dream that I am missing.

    Glad you are content


  10. all very good reasons to be happy

  11. geez
    wish i had half of all that


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