Thursday, 5 May 2011

I have been locked out for 3 hours. I am cold and pissed off!


 I worked today, came home for a while, then I rushed back out to work this evening...
Finished work at 7.30ish,followed by a swift half in the pub with colleagues and then scampered home.... and duh keys.

Called one and only son, he was at his Dad's house, I asked what time was he coming back and was his sister in town...

he chortling '....after eleven Mum, and nah she is here with us',

I groaned, putting on a brave face, 'ok l'll go to Tesco and then get something to eat', trying to ignore the laughter in the background, or was I just imagining it.

I so needed to pee. I went to cast my vote, only after I begged to use their loo. Thank you God!

I sauntered off to Tesco, £10 in my purse, bought a paper, some reduced flowers, just cos l have to have flowers and walked in the rain to McDonald's as far as my budget would stretch. CLOSED.

Strolled round to KFC, dawdled outside, cos l knew if I bought one it would be deelish, but then it would sit in my belly all night, heavy and on my hips for the next month.

They were about to close, so I pitifully walked up and bought the daggy end of the chicken, chucked in between the dry sides of a chabbata bun. Chips and a coke.

I had managed to kill an hour, I sat on my stoop, ate the lot, way to fast. Got ketchup all over me and my mobile phone. Called everyone l know. no one home tonight. Then texted everyone I don't know. Unsurprisingly I had no replies

I sat and sipped coke and smoked too many smokes.

The mobile bell sounded and Lucy texted, 'Hi hun, l'm out. Can't help you, sorry!' ugh!

Just before 11pm, my son texted to say he was on his way home. Now to face the question that had been forming in the recess of my mind. Do I go hide around the corner, until his Dad has dropped him off. Or sit there, frozen, damp, with white numb toes and fingers. Could I really be arsed to move, to save face?

Nah! I had forgotton my keys is all. I waited another ten minutes and my son got dropped off around the corner.

I am tucked up in my warm dressing gown. A hot shower n mug tea . Bliss.

Note to self. As this is the third time this has happened in as many months, go get yourself  two new keys cut tomorrow and keep them in your purse.

Night all.


  1. Easily done, I've done it after seeing the other half off to work realized I had the car Keys in my Pocket instead of House Keys and had to break into my own house wearing my PJ's luckily the shed wasn't locked so I was able to use tools and a Ladder :) only took me 3/4 hr. Thank goodness it was early so no one saw me :) a 50 plus woman in PJs & long Red Coat climbing through dining room window I was lucky because then it started raining.

  2. Yikes! I thought I did the same thing to myself yesterday with the car. Thought I locked the keys inside, but I lucked out. I've decided I need to choose a friend to be the keeper of my spare set, now that everyone has moved away.

    Glad you're safe and warm! D

  3. silly Girl
    bet you said that the first two times.
    bet it made you appreciate the bath

  4. Yep...just get another key cut....glad you got in eventually..and I'm glad I found your new blog spot!

  5. We've all been there... My best one was once when there was about a foot of snow on the ground at our old house. There was ice everywhere including around the front door making it difficult to open/shut. So I went out with a small hammer to knock it away. Job done I decide to shut the door to make sure it opens without any problem now.... SLAM... only then did I realise the keys were on the inside!!!

    I had to run to my father-in-laws about a mile away just in a shirt, slippers and in freezing conditions... with a hammer in my hand!!!

  6. I bet you were so annoyed with yourself. Is there not a trusted friend/ workmate/ neighbour who could look after a spare key? I have given several people this privilege.
    Hope it doesn't happen again.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Not a good evening!
    Mind you, at least you were fully clothed, I locked myself out in my dressing gown once, retrieving a cat, and had to go into a neighbour's house to use the phone to get husband home from work - very embarrassing!

  8. OY! Hide a key somewhere AND keep a spare in your purse but remember if you switch purses to switch the key!

  9. Seeing as my OH has just had to crawl through the dining room window to get into the house, as I was eating lunch in a spot that has no mobile signal, I can neither judge nor chuckle, Sara, only commiserate...

    Hope you have not caught a chill! Have a sweet (and safe!) weekend xxx

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  11. We used to have a little lock box with a spare key in it - but I'm damned if I know where it is. Thanks for reminding me.

  12. !!! Sympathy, really, after a good giggle. GET ANOTHER KEY!! xxx

  13. So that was the text you sent me on my old phone and I couldn't access it because the darned thing kept shutting down? Poor you. Hope you were up with the lark and out to get a new key cut, or two.

  14. That's awful. Poor you.
    Hugs x

  15. I could have sworn I had commented on this already, but obviously not!! Poor you, you must have been p....d off. I have given copies of my door key and car key to a close neighbour and a dog-walking friend, in case I lock myself out of car or home. Now I am effectively single again and my daughter is 200 miles away, I can't take any risks. Could you perhaps trust a neighbour with your keys?

  16. Oh poor you! Yes you definitely need to take spare key action. My dad once locked himself out and now he carries a key on a ring attached to the belt loop on his trousers!

  17. Came here from your ma's blog and thought I would add...hide one somewhere near--key that is.

  18. ugh, sorry to hear it. hope you've got those spares by now.

  19. Sew one into your britches. nah...


  20. Fortunately you need a key to lock our front door on leaving but when hubby lost the only entercard we have for the underground parking it was mayhem. First many of our neighbours have two cars but only one underground space so there was little street parking available close to our apartment block. Then I had to find out how to acquire a new card which took some leg work and a couple of phone calls to locate the correct office.

    The replacement cost 200 AED (about £40) for a credit card sized piece of plastic and was issued with dire warnings that it was the last one they had in stock. Plus hubby, as it was his signature on the tenancy, had to actually pay in person so the transaction had to wait until he was back from a business trip. What a palaver. Now I am held responsible for the card each time we leave home in our car. I just hope I never lose my handbag!

  21. uhg!This happened to me the other day but no one else had a key- £100 later I was let into the house. Thankfully it was a sunny day!


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