Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dancing in the rain

On my doorstep in the most wonderful rainfall with the acoustic accompaniment of thunder and lightening.
Lucy singing 'London Town' and me swigging on a second bottle of Cosmic fizz... Glee
Unplanned moments are the best!
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  1. I love rainstorms with thunder and lightening. Very invigorating :-)

  2. Its a delight when things unplanned come together that way ... twirl on!

  3. YES now that's what I call Bliss!!! Or even Glee!!! Yes, now I'm
    enjoy Saz, enjoy!

  4. Reminds me of how we all loved to stay in the sea when it rained and laughed at everyone running out as if afraid to get wet. XX

  5. We had a thunder and rainstorm move through last night... LOVE IT! I never complain about the rain.


  6. I love a light rain (when I don't have a softball game scheduled, of course!)


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