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but not quite...
                     is it enough?

like coming in second place
and you never quite got to where
             you were heading,
where you needed to be

go on, reach out.....
   reach out,       s  t   r  e   t   c   h    out
           further,  more.....
 reach farther than you have ever reached out

            and yet still,
it is an inch away,
                        right before your very eyes

an inch may as well be
               an ocean,
                           a chasm

utterly unreachable

and you can see it
           smell it
                breathe it in
look it in the eye
      peer into its light
and dark
                     feel its warmth
                              its heat

looking right back at you

and yet,
     however much you reach,
                 however much you yearn,
it will never fill you,
           nor complete you,
it can never be yours

and when want,

most often
            you are fucked

and so...

       is almost

                better than nothing

         should almost


  1. its never enough......
    another case of settling? x

  2. velveteen- hi, I believe almost is better than nothing in the moment, the short term.... but in the longer term, not enough to keep you and sustain you and fill you...

    settle...a word no longer in my vocabulary


  3. I'm sure that for the achiever, almost is NEVER enough. But for the observer, I say, job well done.

  4. Saz I agree......and nothing is what I'd have as you say, almost is better than nothing

    Settle still seems to be lurking in ox word bank....I'm working on it x

  5. Dear Saz

    You get exactly what you settle for, nothing more, nothing less.

    I've had enough of 'Buyer's Remorse', not being able to 'afford' or wait for or achieve a certain something/someone or goal and ending up allowing my sights to be lowered, taking what I was given or offered and being absolutely miserable as a result.

    I'm worth more than that. As are you. We all are.

    I'd much prefer to just take nothing instead. (And am.) Almost isn't good enough and never will be again. Even though, frankly... patience is a bitch.


    Kitty xx

  6. Great writing... making me think

    Acceptance that what is is what is is a biggy for me these days.

    I'm about the happiest I've been in years. Amazing really as I don't have the steady reliable job I had before, my income is half what it was this time last year and there is a bunch of other instability around the corner.

    However I just try to take it as it comes and I'm actually happier without the pressure of the commitment. Odd

  7. there is - quite simply - no end to the stretching. what the question is - what are you stretching for? if for yourself, then on you go. if for someone else - well, maybe not so much.

    may be better than nothing
    but is no place to end.



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