Saturday, 30 April 2011

Gold Dust

Just arrived two gold dust tickets for the Saturday!
I was tempted to give them to my kids, for about a milli second, 
and why should I?
 we all applied and heck I want to see Foo Fighters and PLAN B. 
God I love Strickland banks LP sorry CD!


  1. Hey, never give to your children what you can use yourself!!!

  2. I'll keep this to myself... My daughter was desperate to go but Carlisle not the easiest for a day trip from Kent!!! :-) Is that the day Lady Gaga is on? That is who she really wanted to see ... again!

  3. Now that was an eye opener, Saz. I never would have Thought that I could 'dig' that kind of music [now kids all over the world will be going Ugh! not an oldie liking what we like.]

    Great video-especially the second one. I shall come back and troll though the others another time


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