Saturday, 5 February 2011

Marchons! Marchons!

Flicked on the rugby, it's Six Nations time again....and phoar!!! 
Stopping by to check them there thighs,
and it's such a good game,
I haven't yet switched back
to ITV2
to gauggle at Steven Tyler 
so must be good

... and then they brought on 
not a fan of muscley bodies
then there is always the exception

Just because I can and in case he hasn't reach your tv screen
thought I would share him with you!
My pleasure


  1. didn't do much for me, but thanks anyway, sara

  2. The game for hooligans, played by gentlemen-oooerrrrr!

  3. I'm an American, so what do I know from the game... but the pecs are real nice! I had my momentary lapse of judgment last year with an old flame, but I think it made me realize once again that I am far happier single than I was coupled.

    Although... occasional visits from ... never mind. Have a good week.

  4. jeanette_- the word 'coupled' an olde word but has good connotations, thanks for the

    saz xxx

  5. I just love rugby players. I love big chunky men. I love muscles too. It is heaven for me. We watch a lot XX

  6. I thought that was Robert de Niro at first glance....I might have to start watching some of this sport on tv....thanks for the photo!

  7. Is this a forum to discussed the tactics employed for far in the 6 nations campaign? And to discuss the intricacies of the scrummage rules and what the IRB can do to improve the successful scrummage stats....

    I think not :-)

  8. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, Saz... I think that just caused me to have a hot flash.....

    (...and not THAT kind...)

    ...that body looks rather like a certain someone I know. I might need to go have a lay down.

    I'm sorry, what was the subject again?

  9. A real game, Saz, and didn't England do well? Maybe the grand Slam this year. My local rugby team, Bath, did well too by beating Leicester Tigers.
    Meanwhile across the pond they are playing a sissy game American Football at the Super Bowl.
    Sorry Saz, the guy does not ring my chimes!! LOL Thank goodness - Hugs ~ Eddie.

    Clouds and Silvery Linings
    and Platos’s Procrastinations

  10. Whoa! Who's that and when is he coming to America?
    Thanks for the eye-candy!

  11. I watched the Scotland/France match and there were some nice specimens out there. Unlike this here Superbowl that's on now - they're so padded up that you can't see anything. What good is that?

  12. You have good taste. It looks like me, when I slip out of my baseball gear (if you allow for an extra 20 years of age, so the pecs, while still good, aren't quite that firm, a bit less hair on top, a bit more hair on the chest, and my beard being sort of orange and white as opposed to black - otherwise, we're damn near twins.)

  13. I .. umm ... well ... thanks!

  14. i'd not know what to do with it.(?)



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