Tuesday, 18 January 2011

weather watch

when the hurricane hit
I wasn't surprised,
in fact I needed it,
wanted it,
had for years
waited and hungered
for its power and strength
to carry me off

helpless to defend
the onslaught
of bile, disrespect and hostility,
I brought in my emergency services
and quickly shored up the detritus,
taking what comforts remained,
yet defiant to protect mine own

brick by brick
I laid a place for us,
to wait, to heal, to breathe,
each brick expertly laid
straight and level,
four the walls around us
all tall and thick

keeping me in,
keeping it out,
keeping us safe
from the elements of more change
before we, I am ready
to let anyone in
or me out

when summer came,
the boy spread his wings,
sure of himself and his abilities
and flew out, further and farther,
now standing tall and brave
and confident

I watch and wait,
checking the skies,
to see which way the wind blows


  1. new follower..love the chanel quote you have on your sidebar. it is soo true! have a great week!!

  2. So lovely. It took a little time, a little healing, but you came through that hurricane stronger than ever. I believe you could take another down in nothing flat.

  3. You are an amazingly strong woman .. we all knew it and now so do you! xo

  4. Excellent verse, Saz. And you used one of favorite words, too - detritus (bonus points!)


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