Thursday, 13 January 2011

a thin line

between love and hate
unlike a high wire artist
we wobble and lurch from side to side
in relationships, friendships
our families,
the line doesn't shift
it is a constant
it's taut and keen,
yet we waver
and hold out our arms in defiance
praying not to fall off
into the abyss of terror,
unknown, alone,
love holds its own line
on one edge
we fall
passionately, fulfilled, trusting
or if unlucky in a state of
captured, controlled, coerced
hate lines,
has too a passion, it feeds, it distrusts
or is innate, bleeding one dry from within,
each emotion
felt with a fervour,
impossible to fathom
moments of joy and sadness,
flipped like a coin
to be caught or dropped
without a safety net
to the ground

walk the line
trust in its strength
trust in self


  1. Throw yourself off onto the love side of the line!

  2. You're somewhere new, somewhere old. Be careful. And yes, trust yourself. Sometimes though what you are telling yourself is louder than the true voice you hear underneath. Or something like that, or so it has been for me. It is difficult sometimes to decipher who is doing the talking.


  3. When you waiver and fall, there`ll always be someone who cares enough about you to catch you.

  4. yep
    the last line
    and even thats not a sure thing
    nana must be young if she hasnt
    splattered the pavement yet
    -or very lucky
    I ran out of splints and band aids a long time ago

  5. Nice write that says so much.

    I vote for "trust in yourself.

    Happy weekend, jj

  6. crumbs, you sound .... at a turning point.

    trust in yourself, i agree

    you can surprise yourself, how far you can fall and still bounce back

    is what i've found

  7. Sometimes, it seems to me, that the Fab. analytical gene is a burden.

    Keep you feet firmly on the ground until you get your bearings. Your inner ear, and inner voice will tell you when it's the time to soar.

  8. Rick - Nana is neither young nor old but somewhere in the middle (for the next few years at least). It therefore goes without saying that she has `splattered the pavement`, on more than one occasion but has never resorted to band aids or splints, preferring the comfort of family and great friends to heal whatever ailed her. She has also never been classed as `lucky`. That is all.


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