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A Girlie Day

I have been looking forward excitedly for today. I attended a Life Drawing workshop and this is something I adore, getting lost in my own zone. Painting and drawing, like reading and writing really does this for me. I have let it go but no longer.

I am totally absorbed within the small space before me, upon which I can create. Utter bliss. I haven't made  any life drawing for years and l have hankered, oh how I have...So today for four straight hours, I drew and drew and drew, short poses and long poses. By the time I found my eye, I had only a one hour pose left.

The smaller, neatly hatched compositions were quite contained but for this last one, I did my own thing.
Out came the charcoals, the pastels and pencils and I mixed the media and just let it all out! Such fun and so good for the 'soul'.  A Saturday morning that created calm!

Then I attended a talk in the Museum on 'Pre-Raphaelite's and their heirs', which is part of the launch week activities for the newly refurbished and rehung galleries that make up the Tullie House Pre-Raphaelite collection, many works haven't seen the light of day for several decades.

I met a girlfriend for a swift pint, as l'm off the gin for now as pints last longer and are cheaper, l'll watch out for the beer bellies!

We then went shopping for a top for Faye..............3 hours later we returned to the pub, with overflowing bags. I bought two dresses, accessories, a skirt and a jacket that sounds hideous because I described it to Mum/Moannie and she shrieked, but I'm assured it looks fab! One dress Faye showed me, was I instantly said was more suitable for my 19 year old daughter. She assured me it would look great and that I could carry it, a size 12/14and  l laughed and said no chance, my mind is still in the 18/20 zone obviously even though l am now 50lbs lighter than I was last February. I surprised  myself and other customer by stripping off to my bra in the middle of an aisle and saying, 'what the heck, l can't be arsed queuing for a changing room...' and tried it on, l thought a little mutton, but Faye, my son, his girlfriend and my daughter who just popped into say Hello! between pubs and clubs, reassured me I do not.

So I am set for whatever, whenever, perhaps with a whomever!

Sara's got her mojo back!


  1. As we say in Canada, "You GO, girl!" :D

  2. Woohoo! :) Sounds pretty wonderful to me.

  3. YEEHAA! - I was going to say `You Go Girl` but Lesley got there first! I`m going for the `bohemian` look myself - it hides a multitude of mince pies! Well done on your MASSIVE weight loss - you really do look FAB!You don`t need a `whomever` at the moment - have fun being yourself for a while.

  4. Great stuff! Do admire you stripping off in the shop....and bet you look fab.

  5. This sounds wonderful, Sara, I am so happy for all you are doing now - You go, Girl! See you soon, lots to tell you xxx

  6. Ah! 'That's better beer, all out the same barrel' Another one of mum's sayings and who knows what it means but it just seems to fit the bill. My girl's got her mojo back and I'm happier than I've been for a long time.

    Go girl! XX

  7. I got my Mojo working... off to the music vault to dig out the Muddy Waters version to listen to now!

    I had to re-read that thought you were on pints of gin briefly (sorry my dyslexic speed reading again) and was thinking - hell she is joining the real drinkers! Very glad I mis-read that :-)

    You sound in a really good place

  8. Hah, a fab post!

    It think we would all like to see a pic of this jacket!

    I can't believe you stripped off in the shop like that! Wonder if they got you on CCTV? Who knows, you might be on YouTube by now :-)

  9. Incredible weight loss, congratulations. Know what you mean about catching up with your new look. From a previous fellow fatty who's lost a bit too, I can empathise totally!

  10. Sounds a fantastic day. Yay for finding your mojo :-)

  11. You did some power shopping! Yeah. And I'm sure you look fantastic :-)

    Cheers, jj

  12. You know, it's so good that you changed the name of your blog back a while ago, because this title fits you so much more.

    How wonderful! You are getting back in touch with parts of you that had been on a shelf for too long and evidently looking slim while doing it!

    Use your powers for good, Saz :-) Go and get 'em!

  13. Damn! you're drinkin life in these days girl! love that boldness you've grabbed hold of


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