Sunday, 9 January 2011

flame bright

the naked flame,
beside me
flickers in the night

each breath l take threatens it,
my out breath hovers,
undecided whether to nourish it
or kill it

an old tune warms the room
nostalgia washes onto the pillow
a freeze frame of a golden moment
haunts the senses

shards of a new day,
of expectations not yet taken to root
but seeded deep in the dampness

I rise to the challenge,
keeping the flame bright
feeding it
just as it burns away

another hope,
another dream,
l shiver, I tremble,
while you watch
from a far,

I hesitate, I breathe

don't extinguish the flame
not just yet...

l need you


  1. That's nice Saz. I hope it all works out.
    Happy New Year, jj

  2. Another beautiful 'painting' in words .. xo

  3. Oh, Saz...your poetry is always so exquisitely beautiful and profound!!! I'm so glad I stopped by...I would not have missed this one for all the world!!! You are wonderful!! Love you so much!!! ~Janine xoxo

    Just visiting...not blogging. :-)) Love you, darlin' xx

  4. Wow. I mean really, WOW, Saz that was deep, moving and brillient.

  5. Sara
    that was really written wonderfully.
    the not yet sounds a bit gray but we are, after all, just bridges to more bridges.

  6. The flame is hope, burning bright, but the merest sigh could extinguish it.

    Gotta believe, hon. XXX


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