Friday, 28 January 2011

and the fun continues...

a quiet night in
but went for a drink after work
which continued to the 
local Indian


 Jenni, Faye & Luce
Charlotte F is not looking to impressed 
and a rare uncensored pic of FFF

things are definitely looking up!

Have a good weekend

Saz x


  1. Hello, it's a while since I've been over here and it's looking a lot different! Love your poems.

  2. good to see you cheerful and having a fun time. Long may it continue

  3. I think I could do with a curry to get rid of this stinking cold! You look absolutely fabulous, Sara, so happy - Love you xox

  4. Lala baby, you look fantastic! At last you are getting back the old you.

    [What a Wally?!!!!]

  5. Sara
    love to see you looking happy
    but charlotte has a dangerous grin
    must be some cheese to steal


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