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Someone to watch over me

last night he watched over me
he sang me a lullaby
his words broke me and rung me gently out
I dreamt he soothed and caressed me
with his whispers

the high winds of night swept me up
the watchman threw me a lifeline
sweet but firm
he led me to the light
sage, wise words, guiding me

approaching the witching hour
the demon alive in my heart and mind exorcised  for one night only nightmares banished
falling into heaviness, l slept

gently nudged awake by the song of the albatross
my thoughts ran to the dream
the watchman, now a world away
left me comforted

still alive and in one piece
I turned in my warm blanket
... a note left by the bed side


a fine line....

l am without words ...

l am hiding under my rock..

The View from this End..

Well, oh my Mother!

After nearly a month of  long distance phone calls,
sweat and toil, a trillion emails, messages to the non-people of the elusive and seemingly not contactable Google and Blogger...

We have had a result amid the reassurances, that Mum's Blog Name 'The View from this End' and address have been returned to her undressed in terms of her posts, but nevertheless is her natural home.

I think this has brought it shockingly clear to her, that she has blog land in her heart as well as mind amid the doubts and in the times, days, moments when she is frozen without a fresh post in her head.

She now knows without a doubt that she is truly entrenched and in love with blog land, with all their friends she has made within, and to their words which resonate and fill her...

l don't think she will be thinking of leaving here ever again.
A Pyramid of Piffle

Welcome home Mum!!

luv Saz x

p.s. if she is in your side bar, reader or dashboard list, she should reappear as sh…