Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Fair Vintage..

This morning I visited the first  'Nostalgia meets Design '
event held at Rheged Visitor Centre near Penrith

I have been swithering about having a stall there myself
but thought it best  to see for myself how well attended 
and what sort of mix of goods were available
(all images enlarge with one click)

an early 1960s Airtsream trailer in the parking lot set the tone

The venue offered a stylish and eclectic selection of vintage fashion, jewellery, accessories,

clothing, homewares and textiles and reconstructed crafts....

wonderful eclectic mix of home wares & kitchenelia

from  Fiona Cox assorted Vanity, textiles and linens

a stall of hats in homage to bygone days

 assortedhouse  items from vintage fabrics and textiles

  bespoke cake maker with a cake fashioned on my good self
feet up, cake, voluptuous and bag at the ready for all eventualites!

 friend and fellow vintage trader Fran Boyd, who runs Goodbye Norma Jean,
she now offers a pop up vintage shop with cupcakes and chat in your own home

 Kendal's own Revival vintage shop
deep in the Lake District

a nice change for a Saturday morning..

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

abc Wednesday O is for....


During my summer break
my friend and I
visited The Bowes Museum
in the market town of Barnard Castle

Fleur de Lys garden

John and Joséphine Bowes founded The Bowes Museum. John, the son of the 10th Earl of Strathmore, was born in Teesdale in 1811. His mother was a commoner, Mary Millner, who lived with the Earl to all intents as his wife for many years. The Earl married her just 16 hours before his death in an attempt to save his son’s succession. Two very long court cases ensued, finally settling the Durham estates on John, but not recognising him as the legitimate heir to the Strathmore title.
John was educated at Eton and became a very successful business man who invested heavily in the coal reserves on his land and bred four Derby winners. From 1847 he spent his time between France and England.
Joséphine Bowes was born in 1825. She was an actress in the Théatre des Variétés, Paris, which John Bowes owned. She shared John’s love of the arts and they married in 1852.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

it's the little things...

Why oh why do kids not clear up after themselves? It's every generations headache and an old, old chestnut l know.

It's usually me who gives in and just takes dishes through to the kitchen. Today l cleared 5 glasses, 3 plates and 6 mugs from my son's den.

In the living room a plate with the remnants of a kebab lurked pungently, but l left it there until he popped home from school for lunch.

He ate a plate of noodles and l asked him to clear both plates when he was done. He didn't. Soy sauce swallowed the room.

Later as l collected the evidence together and began to walk to the kitchen, l turned and went into his bedroom and placed them upon his bed. I closed the door behind me for maximum effect.

When he returned from school he paused in his room, looking, figuring it all out. I lurked in the hall, he said loudly,

'Do you think l don't get this is a ploy on your part?'

Me, 'That may well be the case,'

Son, 'Well for that l will leave them, not playing these games.'

Me- appearing disappointed, but secretly knowing, with a touch of blag for good measure,
' Ok, fair enough, thought it would be a funny thing to do, don't get het up.'

I walked down the hall to the kitchen, smiling to myself.

Two hours later, he appeared in the kitchen, plates in hand, trying so hard not to smile, ' Don't gloat,' he said, dimples threatening.

Job done. I'll wait and see if this light-hearted episode will stay with him. There will be bigger and more  important battles. I know.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

be warned... as not to offend, for those of you with a sensitive disposition it may be better if you do not press play.....

I have found my theme tune 2010 over at Familyaffairs ! This makes me laugh, dance and sing....breathe it in girls!!! I love it!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

A few Doddy moments

French Fancy in Kent asked in her last post ..'what can you think of that has recently made you happy'

l'm assuming she is using the word happy loosely, as I find contentment is more manageable and satisfying. Happiness, like joy for me isn't a state of mind, it doesn't stay with you. it is fleeting. Contentment is achievable and l align myself to it. l am smug enough and able enough to try and and hope, to sustain it.

Joy is but of moments.

So l have spent odd moments today thinking ..'what can I think of that has recently made me happy'..

here are my Doddy moments.... get it? Ken Dodd - 'Happiness, happiness'
  • I finished reading a second book this week
  • The sun shone deep into my face
  • I have been home alone and content with it
  • I have made some exciting plans for next year
  • I wrote a letter of objection to my son's school this week and they made an about face within 24 hours! 
  • I laughed with friends
  • I knitted all evening without objections 
  • I had a duvet day and found I liked it....a lot, even though I was ill!
  • I heard something today, if it is what I think it might be it will make me feel Joy, even Happiness and lots of contentment!
YEAHHHH!!! Your friend and mine- David Authorblog McMahon is in the building...back from his sabbatical. I couldn't be more pleased!!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Getting stuck in again...

It isn't New Year for sometime, even so I have never been a New Fear developing newyear-itus shortly after Boxing Day. Bah humbug and bad experiences have not enamoured me to the festivities. Although I am hopeful that I may even find myself enjoying the Eve in the future, perhaps in new company or a new space entirely. Who the hell knows!

I have never  been one to make foolhardy, spur of the moment, resolutions or four. The only ones I remember are the oft mentioned, ' I will lose weight' and the  ' I will stop smoking' ones. Funnily I have achieved both, (with the odd relapse) but not because of new year resolutions almost in spite of them!

The reason l mention resolutions is because I don't feel I need a reason, a kick up the backside or anything else for me to make changes. I just know I have to. Over the last few years due to a mix, of menopausal hormones, couch potato-itus and  slothlike bad habits, I mislaid my enthusiasm for almost anything or anyone except my children. I admit it. I became bored with housework. Bored with cooking. Bored with the same old repertoire. Bored with the day to day. I guess those around me did too. Though the kids rarely expressed this so obviously and cruelly as to call my cooking, slop to my face. But that is another story. And thinking ahead when the kids left for Uni or work or whatever I couldn't think of anything to look forward to, I had been there, done it, what else was there. I think I had resolved to just be. That is not enough. Not nearly. No way, no how.

I have started to rekindled my interest in cooking with so many new programmes and books out this time of year. How could l not, it  has helped reignite my gas hob(!) and I hope my enthusiasm for food and eating it is returning.

Many changes have taken place since February and you are probably just as tired of hearing about these as I am! But this is my space and this is one of the places I come back to often. I am able to look backwards over my shoulder, to the months and years l have written here and l know it is helpful to me to read these and reflect on the context of the time. I liken this place to the tv or radio; if you don't like what you are hearing then turn it/me off.

So I have decided to take up my studies again. These I began in 1999 and over the decade I have studied Humantites specialising in Art History with the Open University. I haven't been able to study every year and I had no particular goal other than to lry to learn again , to push myself academically and to try and enjoy the study ethic. I recently realised that I am 3/4 the way to getting a BA Degree. So I signed up for two courses next year with the Open University; Renaissance Rediscovered (Jan '11-Oct '11) and  The Art Residential School (May - Oct '11) with one week at Queen Mary, London University.  I have ordered the required books for preparatory reading, they shall keep me busy over the next couple of months. I hope it all comes back to me. Completing the degree in 2012 is the plan. I then hope to change track a little and study some Psychology courses.

Starting early next year I  have also enrolled on an Italian short course in the evening for a 6 weeks, because l love the sound and taste of the language. Luckily I am comfortable with languages,  I used to be fairly fluent in French and Mexican in my teens. Adding to this is a Silversmithing course and a Cookery weekend. I feel it is important for me to keep busy but not take on too much for fearing of burning out too soon.   I was giving a lot of thought to retraining but at 52 a 5 year learning plan isn't realistic. I hope the Degree may open some doors within the Museum for me, if not it will be a huge achievement and very satisfying.

It's about giving the love back to me.

                                                  Here is some 'slop' I prepared earlier.

           Olives, anchovies, chicken, baby pepperdews, plum tomatoes and  ...
after baking for 1.5 hours. Deee-lish!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Moannie loses it!

As some of you have already noticed Moannie's blog has been removed!
But do not panic Cptn. Mannering! I am hopeful all will be restored in due time.
No doubt she will recount her debacle to you in her own inimitable fashion, but to summarise - she called me all clammy and distressed after having fiddled with the new layout options and found she wasn't able to upload an image. In her frustration she thought it would be a good idea to try Picassa and then it all went badly wrong. She deleted her all new Picassa account, her google id and seemingly her blog.

I have Google and Gatsby at Blogger looking into it. Worse scenario is she may have to start over, I see her blog is still cached so we can save some of her posts.

She misses you and wants you to know she will be back soon, one way or another!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I am in bed with...

Jeremy Vine. Yes l am!

He is on the radio beside me, a pile of magazines and knitting on the other side.
Phone and laptop on the tray over my legs.

After a night of coughing and pacing on the carpet tiles,
I managed to fall asleep, when one nostril allowed some air through,
and I slept into the heart of late morning.

I have a chesty cold. Not the flu.  I've had both and I  know the difference. I was sent home from work yesterday to take care of myself. I am under the duvet.

I shall shortly get up and shower ...but then l think why?
Why should l? Do l need to? Nothing really needs doing, cleaning, tidying.

I find lately l am thinking more about myself. My well being. It hasn't really ever been at the forefront of mind. Big mistake.
It seems l no longer concern myself with the storm of guilt. It's just not heading my way any more. I have been freed.
Then I think, should make the effort. There are expectations of me, wife, mother, work colleague. I forget momentarily. Old habits. But no, there isn't any expectation, if there ever was. That has been in my head, riding my thoughts. Whether by my own expectations of what should be, would be, could be ... or by the looks, sighs and pointed words, it concerned me.
Played with my head.

I am done with all that.

Staying in bed for one day will not affect the well being of my son. He is visiting his father this evening, he will be fed (kind of) and he may have to get the bus if l don't take him. No big deal.

My friends, parents, children and others have all helped me regain lost confidence. Letting me be. Letting me moan and groan. Talk and talk and talk.
I have found a deeper, inner strength
I am becoming myself again

I can choose to stay in bed.... so sod it l will stay in bed a bit longer, and l feel so much better for it already.
Today I not only breathe  clearer. I CAN breathe!

...and if you need cheering up cos you are in bed about this for a bit of perspective....

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