Friday, 26 March 2010

not dead yet

do you ever make yourself laugh?

I am at this moment wearing a pair of underpants the size of Wales, a bra that Jordan wouldn't sneer at and a pair of cute black ankle sox with peacock feathers..are you getting the picture? Not great I know and l don't give a flying fig.

I have just left our local M&S and walked a short way down the road to home. And l just started to smile, then snigger and then l laughed out loud! 

Having just visited their 'further reduction sale' I now have a bag full of silky sexy bra's, petticoats, camisoles and french knickers. Leopard print, coffee coloured silk, black lace and red satin all in a smaller cup and chest  than l've worn in two years. 'Cos l'm worth it and...

I'm obviously not dead yet!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

and so...

l am at a loss to produce a post. I know its not the usual post block. I just cannot come up with anything. I don't feel any agnst about this, in fact l feel positively calm and non-plussed about it. Just wonder where the thoughts have wandered off to...

I have one more box to unpack. One more trip to the tip. Several things need bought, but will have to wait. This evening was the first evening I sat and did nothing. Well l say nothing, l did unpack some glasses, sort through a couple of washes of laundry. Watched some tv. Enjoyed a quiet gin or three by myself while my son was out at the theatre.

Last night l went out with a pal to a jazz club, but the place was empty and no jazz pianist was to be seen, but a diddly diddly banjo player and organist were playing lilting annoying tunes, so with a visit to 6 local pubs the evening ended just before l turned into a pumpkin. They were all a bit spit, sawdust and dodgey you know the type and do mean the pubs not the people, though they were mostly all full of prepubescent young people and men old enough to be grandfathers. Just not my thing. I shall stick to known restaurants, wine bars and cinemas. I also took note of the bars my daughter frequent,s from her facebook photos and although she is usually going out at a time l am returning home, l wouldn't wish to chance a clash.

The flat (though it is anything but that with its four sets of stairs) is almost sorted to my liking and more importantly to my son's. (I think my daughter quite likes it also) The fire engineers are just about done with the floorboards and the channeling of wires into walls, now just waiting for switch-on day. Our phone line should be ready on Wednesday which means proper broadband again shortly after. Hurrah!

I am keeping busy and distracted and therefore a state of acceptance and normality has washed over me. Am not yet ready for anything but l am ready and that's a start.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

This is the view from my bedroom
over looking the side and back of some victorian villas
and I actually really like it

and topped by huge chimney stacks

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Gin and the best tonic- friends

the last three days have passed in a blur.....friends, their husbands, my sons pal and my big girl have all helped me move and many have aided the transition over the last three weeks, more than they know.

Yesterday afternoon we emptied the car for the last time and returned the truck, whilst my lovely pal Lynn upacked some books and  bits and bobs making the living room alive. She also, very sensibly pressed me to find linens and make up the beds so we could fall into them much later. She was so helpful and she knows how l grateful l am to her and her husband.

In the evening, Jules and Carlotta arrived with gifts of flowers, wine, gin, lemons, chocolate and collected an Indian meal for us all. As l had only pecked at muffins all day, along with gallons of strong tea, the large gin l mixed went straight to my eyebrows and l lost all feeling in my face. It was quite wonderful.

I was very tired but was carried by the good humour of the girls,later my son and his pal made us tea and coffee before we went to bed after midnight.

I was dreading the day, the moving out bit, but it passed with ease and  looking back it was actually quite a good day. Very positive. I awoke this morning feeling refreshed and quite calm. Calm enough to dig out boxes, rummage and find my dongle thingy to connect to net, as the phone line will take up to 4 wks... thus this catch up.

A BIG thank you to you all for your support, advice and affection.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

all change

The huge change in my domestic circumstances, which began just three short weeks ago has resulted in another house move. My 30th! So the next few days are moving days.

Age 51 and after 35 years, I am starting over...

watch me fly!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

This is a view of the front garden
at Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery
where l work as a gallery assistant
the house is Jacobean and recently the garden was 
re-landscaped in the style of the period 
with plants around the sun dial

just dropped by... visit Mum's blog and to say Hi to a few friends... I hope you know, you are all never very far from my thoughts. Many of whom I...