Sunday, 12 December 2010

Taking a break...

A train with a view

lucky capture
stone wall
in winter

Ribblehead Viaduct ? I believe

at Moannie's
my old new best friend, Milou

dog walking every afternoon

blows away
any cobwebs

revisiting old haunts
realigning memories
and misspent deeds

Reculver Towers
Minnis Bay & Margate
in the walkable distance


  1. Strange seeing my old haunts through the lens of your camera.

    This has been a lovely visit and it 'aint over yet.

    And may I say a big thank-you to the boffins for finally giving us Spell-check.

  2. You look wonderful, Saz. Yes, it's strange to see Moannie's world here through you, but it is so good, too, mother and daughter.

    I wonder how you move through the kitchen together? Or is JP doing all of the cooking?

    Have a beautiful visit, two of my favorite women.


  3. Lovely photographs. Big sky - aaaahhh.
    Mad x

  4. I love seeing your spots, but where are they?

  5. Oy, oy. oy...I've just come in from taking the dog for a long walk - around the residential streets of Chicago. Nuff said.

  6. I'm so glad you are once again enjoying the civilised luxuries of conversations with people who love you, quiet and full afternoons as you caress old memories and create new ones, and long, necessary walks in beautiful countryside. Good.

    Please have a particularly wonderful time, I'm sure you will. It's still sincerely meant.
    Happy Christmas.

  7. How wonderful for you to be back home to visit with your beautiful Mom. Your photos through the train window are lovely as are your old haunts. And I love the pic of you with Milou. It all looks very cozy and comforting. Enjoy your visit.. I'm sure you will. :)

  8. You look well and your photo and looking forward to more. :D

  9. So pleased you are taking a break with your mum in such a lovely place!
    That photo of the surf smashing in is wonderful!
    Have a great time together.
    I'm looking forward to seeing my daughter and grandsons very soon (from the east coast!)
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. As they say.... There's no place like home.
    Enjoy, jj

  11. Smiling....with family...seeing beauty everywhere...not bad eh? enjoy your visit.

  12. Love the pic with Milou. Westies are great fun aren't they?

    I love that walk between Bishopstone and Reculver. Great on a summers day with a cold pint waiting for you!

  13. Oh Saz, these are superb! And you look gorgepus... being with Moannie suits you!

  14. Great pics Sara
    what a lovely trip and great smile.
    Hey! is that an ashtray I see?

  15. What glorious photos! Very uplifting.

  16. What magnificent views!
    So glad you are with Moannie.

  17. No that is a walk I did several times as a kid with my family. We used to holiday in Herne Bay - mad it is only about 20 miles from where we lived!! but we'd walk to Reculver have picnic and then try to catch the huge crabs if the tide was out, have a swim and walk or possibly get the open top bus back. Flipping heck that was a long long time ago!

  18. Those photos are beautiful. Have a great Christmas :-)


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