Sunday, 5 December 2010

a new way

the rains subside
resentment washes into the gutters
and the watchman unseen
cold under the street light

the snows came
and chilled my blazing heart
burning my lungs
threatening to crush
leaving hard choices

much love, empathy and words 
shored up my hunger
three women in defiance
led me through the listening gate
and I emerge strengthened

for me it is now done
the shame of having lost myself
within a fog of dull, empty expectations

my truth revealed one more
l can forgive and leave its smell
upon those that did not see me
did not care to see

a gate unlatched by unwitting hands
he left me open and wanting
the sap rises
daily shedding a layer
until l could ache no longer
the watchman showed me the way

harvesting a cleansing flame
licking the shames and secrets
into the fire
leaving my sallow skin ashen and dry

my hopes, our failures
discarded without reference
no longer enabling or colluding, 
defiant l rise
to capture the moments that are only mine


  1. Wow there is some very powerful emotion in this............ brilliant.

  2. Good for you, Saz! Now if only I could feel the same for myself. Sending hugs...

  3. A resurection, resurgence, reanimation. You sound strong. I believe it as truth, Saz. Good.


  4. How strong and uplifting these emotions make me feel. Even today, years after I fled a most abusive marriage, I still feel the pain from those days. I am free but not really free yet. The scars are there. Incredible writing, Saz.

  5. You are a phoenix...

    In midst of darkness
    there was unseen light
    eyes no longer blind
    hands no longer tied
    bowed head now lifted
    unfettered from shackles
    I rise
    I rise, damn it
    not with whimper but roar
    shoulders once slumped
    now broadly thrust back
    proudly carrying hope
    on one and determination
    on the other
    I rise
    I rise, damn it
    a choice I've made
    this pen
    my declaration to you
    it's true from the ashes
    the Phoenix did rise
    his flight I'll make mine.

    I don't know who wrote this.... It seemed appropritate

    Your poem is amazing...

  6. Brilliant - tremendous emotion in that

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  8. Oh Saz... that is beautiful.

    One day I'll be there with you... but... not yet. No, not even close, just, well, one day.

    I'm happy for you. :)

  9. Powerful and beautiful words. Keep strong and ride the storm.

  10. No longer enabling, colluding - My darling Sara, you have no blame in any of this.

    I adore and revel in your profound strength and warm poetic intellect.

    Applause. x

  11. Stronger by the day - you`re heading back into the light - don`t turn around, keep going, you`re doing really,really well and celebrations to the three who are shoring you up through it all. Please,please tell us more about The Watchman!!??(sorry that`s just my incredible nosiness creeping in!lol)

  12. My darling girl, I am so proud of you; for your strength and utter resilience. You are woman,we hear you roar.

    And the poem is bloody good too.

  13. Capture your moments, darling! That's the right attitude!

  14. "defiant I rise" .. says it all so well

  15. yes! capture those moments. own them. suck the marrow from them.

  16. This sounds great, well done, you are winning xx


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