Friday, 17 December 2010

James Taylor - Wichita Lineman - Grammy Nominated

' ... and I need you more than want you..', gets me every time and catches in my throat


  1. Sara
    one of my all time faves
    and if it snows
    that stretch down south
    wont ever stand the strain

  2. Oh I have always loved that song.

  3. That is not the sort of song that I normally like, but it is great. For some reason it makes me feel about 8 years old. Is it an old song or does it just feel like an old song?

  4. BTW this is my last guaranteed visit before Christmas, so I hope you have a great time, I will be back again after the holidays.

  5. I'm along with Rock Chef - shouldn't like it but I do and seems to be a song that has been in my life for ever.

    Grammy nominated pah! I won a RTYD coffin yesterday :-)

  6. Saz... I can never listen to this without just stopping to cry. But it's the line after 'And I need you MORE than want you...' that gets me. The line that follows that, the gut-wrenching admission and I want you for all time...."

    Oh here I go, blubbering again...

    Actually, James Taylor is just what I need this morning, so, thank you. x

  7. Kitty_ that line too...but l never would say it out loud...unattainable methinks...

    Sara xx

  8. Yup, first time I heard this and yup, that line and the one following, got me. Yup yup.

    You picked a good one, Saz.


  9. Saz - not that is not unattainable!

  10. Classic song...classic singer....really hits me too...I always thought the Wichita lineman was a train conductor! ...amazing footage....hope he wins the big prize! thanks for went with my morning coffee very well...


    great choice - wonderful song- tune and lyrics-

    Thank you for this post!


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