Friday, 17 December 2010

Hanging in here..

l am giver, never a leaver
I am sister, never a sibling
I am leader, rarely a follower

l am keeper, never a deserter
I am teacher, never a preacher
I am listener, always a shoulder

l am worker, never a shirker
I am stayer, never a faker
I am sayer, always a friend

I am sinner, sometimes a player
I am hoper, never a runner
I am singer, always a song

I am a believer, never a no hoper
I am lover, never a hater
I am woman, always a warrior

Sara x


  1. That is brilliant - and all true from what I know of you!

    Except for the sinner and player bit - surely not ;-)

  2. Rock Chef...aren't we al little bit, not in a big way!!

    saz x

  3. What a fabulous lyric .. poem .. you are SAZ!

  4. Oh yes! All of that and more. XXX

  5. I love your poem and the photo that goes with it.

  6. Very nice job. I wish more people were like you.
    Merry Christmas, jj

  7. Love, too! your words?

  8. Nicely written, merry Christmas when it arrives.

  9. you are a poet, and don't we know it :)

  10. What powerful words, proud and brave, I simply love this! I think this poem is a great reflection of the wonderful woman you are - bravo, bonny lass!

    Hope you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas!

  11. Those are many attributes to have.
    You are a strong lady.
    Lovely poem.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  12. Warrior indeed. With much goodness in your quiver.



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