Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Someone to watch over me

last night he watched over me
he sang me a lullaby
his words broke me and rung me gently out
I dreamt he soothed and caressed me
with his whispers

the high winds of night swept me up
the watchman threw me a lifeline
sweet but firm
he led me to the light
sage, wise words, guiding me

approaching the witching hour
the demon alive in my heart and mind
for one night only
nightmares banished
falling into heaviness, l slept

gently nudged awake by the song of the albatross
my thoughts ran to the dream
the watchman, now a world away
left me comforted

still alive and in one piece
I turned in my warm blanket
... a note left by the bed side



  1. Lovely... Does this mean you had real human company or a fantasy???

  2. I love the new layout of your blog.
    How did you get the different tabs across the top?

  3. Fi- your guess is as good as mine

    Frugal - go to edit posts and its an option along the tabs next and select titles for your pages/tabs

    saz x

  4. Lovely poem. Thought provoking

  5. Intriguing.

    At least you have words now... that is good.

  6. I wish I had your way with words .. your words are as fulfilling as your photos! xo

  7. That is very good Saz.

    Take care my friend


  8. Just looked at all your art work, you are very talented. :-)

  9. Gorgeous writing, Saz. Hoping you have such friends watching out over you.


  10. Whatever or whoever I can only be glad.

  11. I hope this means that you have re-discovered sleep.. Sleep is such a healing power.

    Your poem is somewhat inscrutable, but it called to mind a phase I was in some years ago.

    It was a phase of marital misery, where I was awake all night long, seething in mental agony, sparked awake by the electrical shock of the awful things other half had said to and about me.

    Your poem recalls to me the balm of re-discovering sleep, and getting over it. I hope you are getting over it, too. You'll be stronger.

  12. Hi Saz. Thinking of you and hoping you are in a good place right now. Addy x

  13. Thanks for your reply.

    Many good wishes for you.

    It's tough, men are weak. I hope you sleep well again.

  14. Saz
    Maybe the watchman just pointed out the wisdom you already had.
    You wrote this beautifully, like one not afraid.


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